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About My Eyebrows…

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Up to a few days ago I hadn’t done anything with my eyebrows in months. Besides the occasional pluck to get rid of stray hairs, I hadn’t been to an eyebrow threading salon since we left Kentucky in October.

Last week I finally went to a place nearby my house that had just opened. The lady who owns the salon was really nice (not the fake kind) and together we decided that she would clean up my eyebrows up a bit (they looked horrible) and we decided that I’ll be growing them out until the end of the year. This way she can re-shape them into something fabulous!

My brows have been their boring selves for ages, so hearing her telling me about her plans, made me happy! They need a change and this lady seemed very capable and up-to-date with the latest trends. I’m not that excited about walking around with busy eyebrows for a couple of weeks, but I AM excited about doing something different with my eyebrows! You can read more about ‘threading’ in this post here.


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