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LOVING my new Moon Cats infinity scarf!

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People who know me, know that I have a love for scarves! Scarves are an easy way to dress up your outfit, also the clothes your already own. I’m not a super trendy person and I also don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes, so what I do to still look ‘fashionable’ is throw on a scarf! Unfortunately, ever since I moved to the US from Holland I’ve been living in cities where most of the year it’s too hot to wear scarves, even lightweight ones. This is great, of course (I’m definitely not complaining!), but I do miss wearing my scarves! Now that it’s FINALLY getting a bit chilly here in Vegas, I get to wear my scarves again! :-)


Moon Cats scarf scarves infinity grey Cloudy Sky Mooncats​​

Scarves keep me warm on cold days, they spice up every outfit (even the boring ones), without even trying too hard, they rarely have to be washed and they last forever! I love accessories (earrings, necklaces) too, but most days I just forget to put them on so I end up wearing the same pieces every day. Scarves, however, I never forget. :-D I keep mine in the coat closet next the front door and whenever I get my coat, I pick out my scarf for the day. Love it!


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