My top 10 makeup buys under $10

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If you’re not into spending a lot of money on makeup, but you’re still looking for good quality makeup that won’t crease/fade/bleed/disappear/smudge etc on you, then today’s post if for you! But let’s be real, nobody wants to spend a lot of money on makeup. Especially since companies come out with new stuff all the time (especially around the holidays) and who does’t like new goodies?

top makeup buys under $10 budget drugstore make up

I went through my makeup collection and found 10 products I love… and all under $10! And if I’ve purchased them in Europe, then they’re under €10 (which is a little over $10, but hey…). Most of these I’ve had for a long time, but they’re still available in most drugstores. Let’s take a look, shall we? :-)

top makeup buys under $10 budget drugstore make up​​

Just realized the picture above is upside down! Sorry about that. :-D

A closer look below.


top makeup buys under $10 budget drugstore make up​​

*NYX: Makeup Setting Spray Matte Finish $8
*Black Radiance: Artisan Color Baked Blush in 8305 ‘Warm Berry’ $4.99
*Essence: All About Matt! Oil Control Make-up Base €3.39 (don’t think this is sold in the US yet, correct me if I’m wrong)
*Sleek: Face Contour Kit in ‘medium’ $9.99 (I got it for €9,95 in The Netherlands)
*Hard Candy: Glamoflauge Concealer in ‘tan’ $6


top makeup buys under $10 budget drugstore make up​​

*Sonia Kashuk: Core Tools Pointed Blending Brush (nr. 109) $3.99
*W7: Roll On Eyeshadow Shimmer in Bronze Age €1 (Such a steal! Great find by my friend D. over at FreshDimez)
*Essence: All About Nude Eyeshadow $4.99
*Maybelline: Volum’Express The Colossal Go Extreme mascara €15,49 (Got this in The Netherlands. Clearly not under 10 bucks, but I believe this is similar the Volum’ Express Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara, sold in the US for $5.49)
*L’Oreal: Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner $8.99

These were my top 10 makeup buys under $10. What do you think? Surprised?

Beauty vanity staples that I hardly ever mention

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Hi there! Thanks so much for all the kind messages I received on Twitter and Instagram on my previous post! A lot of you said ‘I didn’t know people actually lived in Vegas!’. Haha! That made me chuckle. Yes, it’s a regular city; We live about 10-15 min. away from the Strip in a lovely apartment complex in a nice neighborhood. If you’re ever in town, holla at me. ;-)

Ok, on to something else now. Today’s post is something different than what I normally talk about. It’s all about products/items that I use (almost) every day, but I don’t mention often or haven’t mentioned at all. They are just part of my routine, so I kinda forget to talk about them. I picked 5 today, I might do a follow-up post in the future. Just so you know: my vanity is located in the bathroom. These are some of my staples!


Staples beauty vanity​​

1. Kleenex tissues
I grab for tissues all the time. To clean up something in or around my bathroom sink, to wipe down an eye shadow palette, to clean a makeup mistake etc. When I’m applying makeup I also use a tissue to blot my face before I apply foundation (so after I apply a primer), to make it last longer. I use tissues all the time!

2. Tretinoin Cream
This is a product I yet have a review of. Not sure why not, because I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY before bed. It’s the best that has ever happened to my skin! Tretinoin Cream 0.1% is an acne treatment. I got it online from Dermesse, they offer prescription and non-prescription strength skin care products online that could previously only be purchased at plastic surgeon or dermatologist offices.
Tretinoin creams are a form of vitamin A that help the skin renew itself and ​​are VERY effective when you suffer from breakouts or acne. I did mention it once in my ‘current skin care routine’ post. You can find that post here.

3. Splunlage Cotton Pads
I get these bad boys from Big Lots for cheap (around a dollar). Whenever Big Lots does their Friends & Family sale, I stock up. They are inexpensive, but they do the job! They don’t shed on my face (don’t you just hate that?). I use one every day to apply a facial tonic on my face. Definitely a staple on my vanity, because without these cotton rounds I wouldn’t know how to apply my tonic. :-D

4. Clarisonic Plus

Oh, my beloved Clarisonic! I’ve had it for over 4 years now. I used to mention it quite often on the blog, but I haven’t in a while. Still love it! I think a Clarisonic is a must if you have oily skin or if you wear a lot of makeup (or both!). I have used other devices in the past, but I found that this one is the best (for me, at least). Nothing else cleanses my skin like the Clarisonic does; every time I use it, it feels like I just had a facial! My face feels SO clean and soft. :-) You can read my full review here.

5. Tweezerman tweezers
I’ve recently mentioned that I go to an eyebrow place every two to three months to have my browns shaped and threated and in between visits I do the the best I can with tweezers. I’ve been doing it like this for years, works great and doesn’t cost a lot of money!
A few weeks ago I traded in my good old Revlon tweezers for these one by Tweezerman. Everybody always raves about Tweezerman tweezers and when I found these at TJ Maxx for less that $10, I couldn’t help but getting them. And I agree with all those reviews…these tweezers are the bomb (do people still say that?). :-)


​​ ​​These were 5 beauty staples on my vanity. Do you have items/products that you use every day, but hardly ever mention?​​

​ ​

We’ve moved to Las Vegas!


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I’ve been mentioning it here and there (it’s been in the works for months) and now it finally happened! We have moved to a different state! As you now I am Dutch (born and raised) and in 2010 my husband and I moved from The Netherlands to California (my hubby’s from Southern California). We stayed in San Francisco. After being there for 6 months we moved to Ohio, because of a job opportunity. Well, this job opportunity kept us in Ohio for a bit, then the company moved us to Northern Kentucky (not far from where we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio), where we lived for a couple of years. This is where our son was born. Living in Kentucky was definitely different than what I was used to, but I really enjoyed it. And now? Now we’re in…Las Vegas! :-)


 Las Vegas American Airlines Airport
The first picture I took after landing in Vegas!

I’d been to Vegas a couple of times with my husband before. During these trips we, of course, to visit the casinos at the Strip, stayed at the hotels and during our last vacation here we stayed at a beautiful house at Lake Las Vegas. I love Vegas! The weather is nice and there’s always something to do, no matter what day of the week or time of day. I don’t gamble (!), but I love shopping, concerts, festivals, theatre shows, standup comedy etc.

Never in a million years did I think I would move here! We’ve been here for two weeks now and it’s still a little surreal. I feel a little overwhelmed, I don’t really now ‘where to start’, if that makes sense. So far I’m just trying to learn my way around the city (there’s a lot more to Vegas than just the Strip!) and getting settled in. It’s definitely an adventure! :-)

Anyway, as far as the blog goes:

I hope to be able to attend more PR events now and do some more networking
I’m looking forward to making new contacts and working more with makeup and skin care brands. I’m also looking forward to doing more collaborations with other people. Not just other beauty bloggers here in Vegas, but with bloggers all over the worlds. If you’re interested in doing in a collab (in whatever shape or form) or working with me, contact me! All my contact details are here.

I will be selling a couple of my limited edition MAC lipsticks
During the move I realized how many backups I have of them! Really ridiculous, because how often do I finish a lipstick? So I’ll be selling those. Most likely on eBay or perhaps here on the blog. If you’re interested, I can send you a message once I’ve put them up!

There will be daily blog updates again!
I used to update this blog once a day. It was a lot of work, but I really loved doing it and it really paid off. I made a lot of contacts, discovered a bunch a new brands and found some good people, who I now call my friends. For the last year or so I’ve been posting about 3 times a week. A lot less frequent, mainly because I’ve been so busy with my son. Now that he’s a little bit older (he’s a little over 2 years now), I feel like I can handle it again. :-)

​​Ok, that’s it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Find me on Twitter too: @Kizzy. The next blog post will be an overview of some ‘staples on my vanity’. Curious? Check back later!