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Spring is here! It’s time to shave those legs, ladies! :-D I’m sure I’m not the only one who ‘forgets’ to shave their legs in the colder months. I’m one of those people who have to shave their legs every day and if I’m wearing jeans on a daily basis, why bother? Now that Spring is here, I really don’t have any excuse not to shave my legs. I don’t know about you, but I love wearing dresses in the Spring and Summer (they’re easy to throw on and you really go wrong with a cute dress!), so shaved legs are a necessity for me.

​​Gillette Venus Swirl razor Violet Shave Gel #NewVenusSwirl

Gillette Venus has recently come out with a new razor and it’s awesome! I don’t know how they do it, but they keep coming out razors that are even better than the previous ones! Gillette has the best razors for women out there, if you ask me.

The new Gillette Venus Swirl razor has a super cute design (it’s purple, love it!), is very light weight and, because of the so-called FlexiBall, it’s practically impossible to mess it up. The Flexiball moves in multiple directions, making it easier to get to the difficult places.
The razor has 5 Contour Blades that do an amazing job in reaching those hard-to-reach places. Those Contour Blades, the FlexiBall and the water activated MoistureGlide Serum work together to give you those smooth legs!


Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup (and lots of coupon codes for Kizzy Online readers)

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Hi there! Hope you had a good weekend. :-) I’m trying to get accustomed to being back home and getting back into the regular routine. That always sucks when you had a great vacation…To makes things worse, my toddler Mason hasn’t been feeling well and there’s nothing worse than your kid being sick. Ugh!

Anyway, this past week I shared a bunch of really nice coupon codes here for discounts on products I’ve reviewed. Here they are again, in case you missed some:

☻ 15% off your first month of Scentbird, a monthly perfume subscription service. Use code “SPRINGBIRD” at check out and check out my review here.

☻ 20% off the Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron. Use code “GET20OFF” at checkout and read my full review here.

☻ 25% off the entire Victoria Jackson ‘no makeup’ Makeup website. Use code “LOVEVJC” and click here to see my makeup look using Victoria Jackson Cosmetics.

☻ Also, I’d like to mention that Ebates is currently offering an 8.0% cash back on Sephora.com! Click here to sign up for Ebates (it’s free) and shop Sephora with 8.0% cash back. :-)


Beauty from within: Beauty & Biotin Bursts supplements by Neocell

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I’ve been slacking on my skin care, because of the traveling lately. When I left for LA and Hawaii I only packed the absolute essentials as far as skin care goes, because I didn’t want to pack stuff I eventually wouldn’t use. So no scrubs, masks, peels, supplements etc.
Unfortunately, my skin was really acting up during my trip and I wish I would have brought all of my skin care and supplements. The supplements for skin/hair/nails I had been taking prior were clearly working for me! A few weeks before my trip I had started taking beauty supplements by Neocell. I didn’t take them with me on my trip and I so regretted it… So now, they’re back in my life and they ain’t going anywhere. :-)

Neocell Beauty & Biotin Bursts skin hair nails supplements

The beauty supplements I’ve been taking are called Beauty Bursts and Biotin Bursts, they are both by Neocell. They are soft chews (like gummy bears) and taste really good! The Beauty Bursts taste like fruit punch and the Biotin Bursts contain Acai Berry. It doesn’t even feel like I’m taking supplements, they’re just like candy (without all the sugar and junk!). :-) Every day I take 2 Beauty Bursts and 1 Biotin Burst.


‘No Makeup’ Makeup using Victoria Jackson Cosmetics

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I had never heard of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics until a few weeks ago, when I was contacted to try a few of their products. Because I would never say ‘no’ to new makeup (and neither should you!), I happily started using four of their bestsellers: the Foundation Duo, a Perfect Everyday Blush, the Lush Mascara and the Gentle Eye & Face Make Up Remover. :-D

Victoria Jackson cosmetics makeup

One of the slogans behind the brand is ‘let your natural beauty shine through‘ and ‘this is not a mask. This is make up‘, both things I can really relate to. I don’t wear makeup because I think I need it or because I’m embarrassed to be seen without it. I wear makeup because I think it’s fun to play with and I actually feel better when I look better! I’m not heavy handed with my makeup application and I prefer natural looks with ‘a pop of color’ (usually on the lips).


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