September 2007
Posted at: 30 Sep 2007

hahaha! This is SO true! I don’t relax my hair, but I never wear it ‘natural’ either. I blow dry it and straighten it with a straightener… Watch it!

Posted at: 03 Sep 2007
Elicina snail cream to the rescue!

I’ve been using Elicina snail cream since the beginning of August and my skin looks better before. My cheeks still have red spots though… and some days are better than others. I’ve been noticing that my skins breaks out immediately after I eat peanuts or something like a Snickers bar. It turns red a few hours later and I get a few nasty zits. I’ll spare you the details. But anyway.. today I went to the doctor (again), but this time I had blood drawn. I don’t like to have blood drawn at all. It’s not that I can’t stand

June 2007
Posted at: 17 Jun 2007
New dress by Madonna

Another bargain! I’ve just ordered this H&M/Madonna dress (M by Madonna) for EUR 19,95 (it used to be EUR 59.90). Good stuff! this one, but all black All I need now is an occasion where I can wear it to!

April 2007
Posted at: 16 Apr 2007
i.d. bareMinerals

I checked out Sephora while I was in France. It’s one of my favorite stores in the U.S., but unfortunately we don’t have it in Holland. Anyway, I looked around for a while and then I discovered i.d. bareMinerals. I heard about it before, but I hadn’t seen it in stores anywhere. Until now! This is what the sign right next to the products said: Millions of women swear by i.d. bareMinerals the makeup that covers imperfections as it performs like a skincare treatment. Made with crushed minerals from the earth, bareMinerals are 100 percent pure (read: they won’t clog

Posted at: 04 Apr 2007
The Beauty of Color by Iman

Look what I got! The Beauty of Color By Iman My boo gave it to me 🙂 Thank you! It’s written by (former?) supermodel Iman and it’s all about makeup and skincare. It has many pretty pictures too. Pictures of people like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Lucy Liu. I haven’t started reading, but I will soon. Because…. …I have some days off coming up! Starting this Friday (Good Friday) until April 17th. Of course we’re going to Nice for 5 days (I think I’ve mentioned it here), but the remaining days I’m gonna spend doing absolutely nothing except reading,

November 2006
March 2006
February 2006
Posted at: 25 Feb 2006
New hair color!

I dyed my hair light brown! My brother immediately started calling me a dumb blond… My mom said it looks like Beyonce’s hair. 😀 I like it, but I have to get used to it I guess. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m shocked. But then I remember that I dyed my hair and it’s supposed to be this way. 🙂 kinda like this!

January 2006
Posted at: 01 Jan 2006

It’s 2006! Time to sum up last year! [1] what did you do in 2005 that you’d never done before? buying an apartment and living with my American boyfriend [2] did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I never really make resolutions and if I do, I don’t really mean any of it [3] did anyone close to you give birth? yeah, my niece did… she gave birth to a baby girl [4] did anyone close to you die? no, not anyone close to me. My mom’s cousin/friend died though [5] what

January 2006

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