September 2017
Posted at: 18 Sep 2017
Review: Apollo Surprise Box (Yes, I’m back!)

Missed me??? I know I missed you! The last couple of weeks have been super hectic. My son started Kindergarten at the very end of August and I think it’s been harder on me than on him. Transitioning to a new school, getting a new routine down, getting up early…it took a little time to adjust to it all, but I can now say that we finally getting a hang of it! And with we, I mean me. LOL! I still can’t believe my baby is in school now. He had been going to preschool for about a year (he

August 2017
Posted at: 23 Aug 2017
Guest blog: Amazing nail designs to try this fall

Believe it or not, but this fall is gonna be like it has never been before. Do you want it to be like that? If yes, then try out the nail ideas for manicure suggested here. You’ll find a variety of autumn colors and shades that will please you and add a spice to your everyday look. Fall is not a time when you have to sit in front of the TV set and watch those trivial soap opera’s, but it’s time to go out somewhere and have a great time. Which manicure to choose? Traditionally, the autumn supposes you

Posted at: 22 Aug 2017
Guest blog: 4 Reasons to invest in organic skincare

Women are always looking for better ways to care for their skin – and they have more than enough choices to go around. Beauty and skincare make up a $445 billion dollar industry with thousands of brands and millions of products (and services) all over the world. Choices range from everyday items (lipstick, moisturizer, sunscreen, mascara, etc.) to some of the most ridiculously expensive things money can buy. While having choices is certainly a good thing, it can get overwhelming at times–which is why we put together this article to help you make the right decisions for your skin. Today,

Posted at: 21 Aug 2017
My current beauty favorites. All MAKEUP!

I’m typing this while there’s an eclipse going on. If I didn’t have small kids I would go out with special glasses and take pictures, but taking them out for this purpose is not an option right now. Haha! 😀 Anyway, here’s a quick blog post to show you guys which products I’ve been enjoying lately, my beauty favorites. I’ve been kinda slacking when it comes to writing full reviews (there’s never enough time in a day), so I hope you’ll enjoy these mini-reviews. If you do want more info, swatches or other pics…let me know. This is part 1,

Posted at: 17 Aug 2017
End of the summer August Giveaway from Free Beauty Events

I’m alive, alive! I haven’t updated in what feels like forever. My son starts kindergarten in less than two weeks, so we’re enjoying these final summer days to the fullest until it’s time to go back to school. I do have a couple of blog posts lined up for the next couple of days, so check back tomorrow. 🙂 In the meantime, check out Free Beauty Events’ latest Beauty Basket Giveaway! Go to for free makeovers, free samples and a chance to win $95 worth of beauty products in their monthly contest. The giveaway includes products from Nexxus, L’Oreal,

Posted at: 05 Aug 2017
Review: Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara (NEW at Sephora)

Have you heard of the new Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancome? It’s new at Sephora. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it through Influenster and I’ve been trying it every day since I got back from the US. I like it a lot. 🙂 It’s made to give your lashes up to 12x the volume and last for up to 24 hours thanks to its brush and formula. Below are more details and my own before and after pictures. How it’s described “Ideal for all-day wear, this mascara doesn’t require touch-ups and doesn’t flake or smudge. This

July 2017
Posted at: 26 Jul 2017
Guest blog: Quit smoking with these 8 astonishing tips and tricks

People often think that in order to quit smoking you simply have to stop doing it. This isn’t the way it works in practice. Cigarettes are a great addiction and it is really easy to relapse. It makes it harder that they are available all over the place. Given how hazardous tobacco and nicotine are to your health and even cigarette smoke can cause issues, it is necessary to approach this with level head. It is high time for you to try something new and this set of tricks may be just the thing you need. 1. Setting up small

Posted at: 19 Jul 2017
FreeBeautyEvents giveaway: total prize package worth $95

I’m back in the US! I’ve been back for almost a week actually, but the jet lag has been real. I’ve been struggling to stay awake. 🙁 The kids have been sleeping all day and have been wide awake at night. It’s been interesting! Today is the first day that I haven’t been feeling like a zombie. Haha! I’m working on a review (trying out a new product), it will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Free Beauty Events’ latest Beauty Basket Giveaway! Go to for free makeovers, free samples and a chance to win $95 worth

Posted at: 07 Jul 2017
New hair! All about those curls…

I changed my hair again! You might remember my visit to a hair salon last year, I wrote about it here. Last week I (finally!) got to go again and this time I went for a completely different look! Here’s a ‘before’ pic…. before My hair has grown a lot since then! Because I will be spending quite some time at the pool this summer, I now decided to go for a haircut that doesn’t require the use of a hair straightener. Wearing my hair the way it grows out of my head, instead of using a flat iron after

June 2017
Posted at: 26 Jun 2017
Review: The best inexpensive face cream, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

The other day I mentioned my oily skin. As long as I can remember I have oily skin. My nose gets oily, my chin, cheeks…pretty much my entire face, except for the outer perimeter. That’s where it’s a little dry. I guess you could say I have combination/oily skin. Even with my skin type, hydration is always important. My skin produces oil throughout the day, however, I always make sure to moisturize in the morning. Olay contacted me a little while ago and told me about an independent test by the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) that showed that their Regenerist

Posted at: 21 Jun 2017
New favorite! Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser by GLAMGLOW

I have a new favorite, guys! A couple of weeks ago I ran out of facial cleanser and I happen to have a coupon for Parfumerie Douglas. So I went to the nearest Douglas store and asked the sales lady what she recommended for my oily skin. She couldn’t stop talking about the Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser by GLAMGLOW. She asked me if I was familiar with the brand, which I was (I love their facial masks) and had me try a sample in the store. I ended up purchasing the full-size bottle and I gotta say…I’m happy that I

Posted at: 10 Jun 2017
My brother before-and-after beard. Thoughts?

Beards have been in fashion for the last few years. Almost every single one of my cousins and male friends has a beard, especially the ones here in the Netherlands. 🙂 Opinions on facial hair are very divided, to say the least. People who don’t like beards usually say they’re too scruffy and unhygienic, but there are also people who love them because they say they’re masculine and exude confidence. Growing out a beard can dramatically change a guy’s look. Shaving it off can even be more dramatic! Some say that beards make men’s faces look stronger and more masculine,

June 2017

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