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Who I am


Yes, Kizzy is my real name! My mom was inspired by the tv series Roots that first aired in 70s; Kizzy was one of the main characters, daughter of Kunta Kinte. 🙂
I’m in my late thirties. I was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both my parents were born in Cabo Verde: a group of tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the west coast of Africa.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Communications (European Studies) from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I also have a Masters degree in Art & History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, specializing in Media and Culture.
I have two kids: a 6-year-old boy and a baby girl who’s almost 2.


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Please don’t hesitate to share/like a post or leave a comment! Reader comments are very welcome. I love chatting with you! Also, if you see a comment in a foreign language, it’s probably Dutch.

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About the blog


My blog ‘Kizzy Online’ features personal posts about beauty (makeup, skincare, hair, nails), fashion, lifestyle and more. I love writing reviews on beauty products, sharing my everyday makeup looks and showing my daily outfits and accessories. I also post about my life as a mom of two young kids in The Netherlands.
I started blogging over 12 years ago, I used my domain as a personal journal. In 2010 I began to focus more on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Blog posts are written by myself, but occasionally one of my friends will take over and write a guest blog. I also have sponsored posts from time to time.
I’m not a makeup artist, esthetician or a stylist, but I love it just the same! I’m always open and honest, letting you in on anything that might peek your interest. Thanks for stopping by!


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