Lupita Nyong’o is ‘People’s Most Beautiful Person’

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Is it a surprise? No. Do we agree? Yes! Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o was just named as PEOPLE Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person! She is having the best year ever, isn’t she? First she takes home an Oscar on her first big movie, then she snags a deal as the first black celebrity face of Lancôme Paris and now Lupita Nyong’o’s is on the cover of PEOPLE magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful’ double issue. Get it, girl! :-P

Lupita Nyong'o People's Most Beautiful Person Beautiful

She spoke about the honor in the new issue of PEOPLE, which she’s covering, saying:

“It was exciting and just a major, major compliment. I was happy for all the girls who would see me on it and feel a little more seen.”

Congrats, Lupita! The Most Beautiful issue of PEOPLE is on newsstands this week.

Off topic, but I STILL haven’t seen the movie she’s in. I’d love to see it, but I’m reluctant because I’ll probably cry…Will I? :-(

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Review: Boots No7 skin care (tested on my husband!)

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A good skin care routine is just as important for men as it is women. Boots No7 men’s line has recently made its way to the US (it’s the number 1 beauty brand in the UK) and the people over at Boots needed a few handsome, American husbands to try it out…Fortunately, my hubby is extremely handsome and not afraid to let me test skin care products out on him. ;-) For the past month he’s been trying out two new Boots No7 Men products: the Boots No7 Men Post Shave Recovery Balm and the Anti-Friction Shave Gel, both available in the US now. Keep reading to find out what he thinks!

Boots No7 Men Anti-Friction Shave Gel Post Shave Recovery Balm

What it is:
‘For over 77 years, Boots No7 has provided an internationally-acclaimed range of skincare products which are hypo-allergenic, dermatologically tested and affordable. The men’s line has recently made its way to the United States, and introduces a collection of products that are just as reliable, offering the same Boots formula as the coveted women’s line, yet tailored to men.’

Boots No7 Men Post Shave Recovery Balm

Boots No7 Men Post Shave Recovery Balm

‘A cooling and calming formula leaves the skin with immediate long-lasting hydration. The balm works to soothe areas of redness and irritation, deeply restoring moisture to the skin.’

Boots No7 Men Anti-Friction Shave Gel

Boots No7 Men Anti-Friction Shave Gel

‘The hydrating gel allows razors to glide easily across the skin to create a closer shave, while soothing and protecting the skin. Razor burn and irritation are reduced as the gel works to deeply calm and comfort the skin.’


His findings:
He had never heard of the brand Boots No7 before and previously he had only used Aveeno, Gilette and Burt’s Bees shaving products. He didn’t mind trying these out, especially when I told him that Boots No7 is a popular brand in Europe (I myself have used their products before, they’ve been available in The Netherlands for a while) and Boots No7 Men is now at Walgreens.
I asked him how he would describe the two products and he said that the descriptions above are pretty much accurate. There wasn’t anything he didn’t like! Their textures and consistencies are just right.
His favorite of the two is the ‘Post Shave Recovery Balm’. Once on, it has a very slight cooling and soothing effect, which feels great. It also has a light and pleasant smell, he said. I asked him if he would purchase these products himself once he runs out and he says he definitely would! :-)

Where to buy:
Boots No7 Men skin care line is now available at Walgreens and Both the Post Shave Recovery Balm and the Anti-Friction Shave Gel retail for $7.99. If your boyfriend or husband (or dad!) is looking to try new, inexpensive shaving products, these are worth checking out! Go to the Boots US website for more details.

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Things you should NOT do before bedtime


I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately. Even when I’m really tired (which is most of the time), I can’t seem to fall asleep at a normal time. My toddler wakes me up every morning around 7 and for this reason alone I’d LOVE to sleep before midnight. But most nights I just can’t bring myself to do so. :-( Even when I do go to bed on time, I don’t sleep until 1 or 2. This is me, basically:

3 Things you shouldn't do before bedtime

In order to be more energetic, I looked up some things to help me sleep. I decided to share 3 things I found you don’t want to do before bed, and what you should do instead, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these issues.
It’s easy to think you can squeeze in some stuff before bed (like writing a blog post or catching up on my favorite shows), but after doing some research I found out that these are things that I probably shouldn’t be doing before bedtime. Not getting a good night’s sleep can cause weight gain, weaken your immune system and create cognitive problems. Scary! And this certainly explains why I’ve been so tired lately!

Ok, so here we go: 3 things you don’t want to do before you go to bed to make sure you have a good night’s sleep:

1) Staring at a screen
I know everybody knows this, but if you’re like me you probably do it too: catch up on blog posts, scroll through Instagram, watch the latest episode of your favorite tv show… I’m guilty of it all. But yes, your mobile device interferes with your sleep! The blue light these devices emit stimulates the brain, which can make it harder for your brain to then turn off once it’s time for bed.

Tip: if you can’t live without your laptop, tablet or cellphone, make sure you stop using it at least 15 minutes before lights out.

2) Drinking caffeine
Relaxing before bed usually means a cup of tea or, in my case, a can of diet coke. Unfortunately, what you’re drinking can keep you tossing and turning once you’re in bed. Sodas and most teas have caffeine which give you a temporary energy boost. Stay away from caffeine!

Tip: Make sure you’re drinking decaffeinated tea instead.

3) Worry About things
It’s very important when you get into bed that you put any worries to the back of your mind and forget about them until the morning. Worrying about things before you go to sleep means that your brain is working overtime and it won’t you won’t be able to switch off and fall asleep.

Tip: If it helps you could write your worries down on a piece of paper which will help erase them from your mind and let you get some sleep.

It’s become VERY frustrating for me to constantly have problems getting to sleep each night. If you know of some other things not to do before bedtime, please let me know!

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Review: Max & More Liquid Eyeliner (found at Action stores)

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The other day I mentioned how I was trying out a super inexpensive liquid eyeliner. I purchased it at budget store Action here in The Netherlands and it’s by the brand Max & More, which I believe is their store brand. And check this out: this eyeliner cost me only 79 euro cents!
This must be the cheapest eyeliner I’ve ever bought, at least here in Europe. I think I’ve purchased eyeliners at the dollar store in the US before (a dollar is about 72 euro cents), so that would be cheaper. However, for the Netherlands this is as budget as it gets! Anywho, I’ve been wearing this eyeliner for about a week now, every single day. Is it as good as any other liquid liner from the drugstore? Below is my review. :-)

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

source: my personal Instagram

What it is:
A liquid eyeliner with a brush tip by the brand Max & More. The shade is ‘extreme black’.

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

My thoughts:
For the longest I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which is my all time favorite liquid eyeliner. This eyeliner stays all day without budging or smudging. For more details, I would check out this supershort review that I wrote back in November 2011. The last couple of months I’ve been enjoying Covergirl’s Bombshell Intensity Liner, a good one as well.
I prefer liquid liners over pencil. It’s all I use to line my eyes. I do use pencil eyeliners, but only in my waterline. I have very oily eyelids and liquid is the only thing that lasts for me. I also prefer liners with a brush over those with felt tip applicators. It just works better in my opinion. For me it’s easier to get a dark, thin line with a brush than with a felt tip.

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

This particular eyeliner by Max & More is a liquid eyeliner with a brush. Brush eyeliners are a little tricky to use at first because they are thin, but (like everything else in life) practice makes perfect. It requires a steady hand and some skills, but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as pie. :-D

My expectations for this €0.79 eyeliner wasn’t high. I’ve spent $18 on Urban Decay in the past (multiple times even) and I didn’t expect this one to work just as well. Well, I was wrong! It’s not waterproof, but in normal conditions it actually stays on my oily lids! It doesn’t fade or smudge, which blows my mind. I’ve worn it on top of a primer & eye shadow AND on its own: either way…it stays!
It does require a little bit of effort to get an equally pigmented line (you have to go over it a twice sometimes) and I wouldn’t recommend walking in the rain or rubbing your eyes, but in normal conditions this eyeliner definitely stays.

Here are swatches on my arm, I did not use a base or primer.

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

Below is the eyeliner in action. In the first picture, where my eyes are closed, you can definitely see that the line isn’t as pigmented in certain areas (you see little ‘holes’, the line isn’t even), but in real life you don’t notice this at all. It’s pretty dark and it dries matte. Works great for me!

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

And here’s a ‘selfie’ I posted on Instagram of me wearing this eyeliner. Can you tell that’s that less that one euro on my eyelids? I can’t! :-D

Max More Liquid Eyeliner black budget Dutch Action review swatch

Where to buy:
Will this eyeliner replace my Urban Decay one? No, definitely not. Urban Decay’s has a different finish (it’s shiny and not matte like this one) and is 100% waterproof. Do I recommend the Max & More Liquid Eyeliner? I sure do! This is a great eyeliner. Don’t go swimming with it and/or dancing in the rain, but other than that… you’re good! It’s just as good as any liner from Essence or Wet ‘n Wild for example. If you’re in the Netherlands definitely go get this eyeliner so you can try it for yourself.
You can find this eyeliner at Action stores in the Netherlands. It retails for €0.79 (6.5 ml / 0.20 fl oz). Click here to find a store in your area.

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