My favorite mink false eyelashes by ESQIDO Lashes

16 May 2018

Long time no see! I’m here though. I haven’t been posting any makeup looks, because my looks have been pretty much the same. Boring, I know! I’ve been using my (all time) favorites products, but I’ve also been using makeup that I’m simply trying to use up.

What I’ve been really into lately, is experimenting more with false eyelashes! I don’t wear false lashes every day, but I do like them when I go out at night. It’s amazing how something simple like eyelashes can change your whole look.

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes

I do have to admit, I still have a hard time applying false lashes. I can never get it right the first time. For this reason, I always look for lashes that are sturdy and have a good quality band. I have noticed that if your lashes aren’t well-made, they are much harder to apply.

My favorite false lashes are by ESQIDO Lashes: luxury mink strip eyelashes and the best I’ve tried so far. They are handmade from real mink hairs with a soft, cotton band. Love it!

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes

The ones that I like for date nights are called the Voila Lash. They are easy to apply and, even though they are pretty dramatic, they are very comfortable to wear. They are long and voluminous, perfect with a smokey eye!

I’ve also been using ESQIDO’s Eyelash Glue. This glue is latex free (for those which allergies or sensitive eyes), has a super strong hold and dries clear. It comes in a tube with a precision bristle tip. It’s awesome! These lashes don’t come off until I take them off!

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes

If you want to try false lashes, but you’re not sure which ones to pick, ESQIDO has a very helpful guide on their website to help you pick the right style for your eye shape and placement. For example, I have big, almond shaped eyes and my eyes are wideset, meaning the width between my eyes is about the same as the width of a single eye. According to ESQIDO, the Voila lash is a great fit for me.

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes

You can find ESQIDO Lashes at, they offer luxury mink lashes, but also premium synthetic false eyelashes. Their newest lashes are the Unisyn False Lashes, which are synthetic false eyelashes, made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibers. I’m trying these next. 🙂

I received this product complimentary for testing in exchange for my honest review.


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