Olay 28 Day Challenge update!

22 Nov 2017

Hi everyone! It’s Thanksgiving break. Woohoo! I’m home with the kids and we’re going to do lots of fun things this week. 🙂 First thing first: an update about the Olay 28 Day Challenge. I am a few days into the challenge I wrote about last week and I want to let you guys know the positive effects I am already seeing.

The challenge: Use the Olay Micro Sculpting Cream in the AM and the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream in the AM and PM and show off your progress! I’ve been doing this 2-step regimen for a little while. Check out my ‘Moment in the Mirror’ here, in case you missed it.

Olay 28 Day Challenge update

Olay 28 Day Challenge moment in the mirror

What I’ve noticed so far is that my skin is reacting really well to it. The Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is thick and absorbs really easily into my skin. It’s not greasy, so it doesn’t interfere with my makeup (concealer). The Micro Sculpting Cream is really nice as well. Not sticky and no weird smell. Just exactly what you would want in a moisturizer!

As you know I have really sensitive skin, meaning my skin will quickly let me know if it agrees with something or not. I’m happy to share that I’ve had no breakouts since I’ve started using these Olay products. My skin has been looking a lot better. I’ll do one final post towards the end of the challenge to show you my younger-looking skin. 🙂

So that’s my Olay 28 Day Challenge update. If you haven’t started the challenge with me, I suggest you start now! If you have been doing it, let me know how your progress is going. The first 15 people to use code “28DAYS5558” on Olay.com will receive $40 off of their purchase!

Also, the first FIVE followers to share their daily skincare habits will get a free set of samples to join me in the Olay 28 Day Challenge.

For more information about your personal skincare, go here.

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