Guest blog: 4 Reasons to invest in organic skincare

22 Aug 2017

Women are always looking for better ways to care for their skin – and they have more than enough choices to go around. Beauty and skincare make up a $445 billion dollar industry with thousands of brands and millions of products (and services) all over the world. Choices range from everyday items (lipstick, moisturizer, sunscreen, mascara, etc.) to some of the most ridiculously expensive things money can buy.

While having choices is certainly a good thing, it can get overwhelming at times–which is why we put together this article to help you make the right decisions for your skin.

4 Reasons to invest in organic skincare

Today, women all over the world are eschewing heavy makeup for a more natural look; and it follows that more and more are seeking out organic & natural beauty products. Sadly, organic skincare products make up only a fraction of the market, with the majority being artificial or chemically formulated.

It takes a little bit more effort (i.e. reading labels and doing research) to find products that are organic. But the payoff is well worth it!

Below are some reasons you should go organic. 🙂

Better for the environment
Organic beauty products are made of ingredients readily found in nature, which means they are less likely to harm the environment. On the other hand, non-organic beauty products are either mined or chemically formulated, and thus more damaging to the environment. A lot of them are infused with harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, PEG compounds, and mineral oils.

As a consumer, you are responsible, whether consciously or unconsciously, for the things you buy. Take ownership of the products you support and make a conscious effort to consume wisely.

Easier on the skin
Anyone with sensitive skin can relate to the allergies, blemishes, and breakouts brought about by artificial skin products.

As mentioned earlier, artificial skin products contain all kinds of substances that should be nowhere near you, let alone on your skin. These substances, no matter how harmless they appear, can result in long-lasting and even permanent consequences.

Not sure what to watch out for? Here’s a list of 22 harmful chemicals common in personal care products. Organic products contain none of those and are much, much easier on sensitive skin. After all, a lot of them are made of stuff that you encounter everyday and in nature.

Not to be a tree hugger or anything (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), but we’ll be much better off spending money on sustainable products, especially those made by local producers and small businesses. Support products that are healthy for your body and good for the environment. Always go for what’s sustainable and ethical.

Skincare is so much more than just looking good. It’s being devoted to keeping your skin healthy both inside and out. When you buy products, you should look beyond the surface and make an effort to understand the products you’re buying.

If it’s organic, that’s usually a good sign. Buy things that are actually good for your skin. Remember: Real beauty goes beyond appearance.

This sponsored post was written by a guest contributor.


Kizzy, blogger behind Kizzy Online, originally created this blog to use as her personal life journal. When she moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2010, she started focusing more on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She also writes about her life as a wife and a mom of 2 in San Diego, California.

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