Guest blog: Quit smoking with these 8 astonishing tips and tricks

26 Jul 2017

People often think that in order to quit smoking you simply have to stop doing it.
This isn’t the way it works in practice. Cigarettes are a great addiction and it is really easy to relapse. It makes it harder that they are available all over the place. Given how hazardous tobacco and nicotine are to your health and even cigarette smoke can cause issues, it is necessary to approach this with level head. It is high time for you to try something new and this set of tricks may be just the thing you need.

1. Setting up small goals
If you tell yourself “I won’t smoke till the rest of my life” you are putting yourself in a can’t-win situation. Instead of being restrictive and putting unobtainable goals ahead of you, try starting with something smaller. Don’t smoke for a week; then try for a whole month and so forth.

2. Why are you quitting cigarettes?
We all know that cigarettes are bad yet we consume them. Just by saying they are bad for your health is not a good enough reason to quit. You need a much stronger incentive than that. You need to put on paper all the things that made you quit this habit. There are a lot of things that smokers do not like in regards to their vice. Only when you realize what are all the reasons (and benefits) to not smoking, can you start the process.

3. Find a hobby for your hands
Cigarettes create several habits. One of them is always having something in your hands. Although this may not seem as important, it is necessary to find a hobby or a replacement that will engage your hands. This way, each time you recall tobacco, you can instead start practicing your hobby and employ your hands that way. After a while, it will become natural for you to do hobby instead of smoking.

Quit smoking tips tricks

4. Find a good replacement
Besides finding a hobby, you can also find a direct smoking replacement. E-cigarettes are a good option here. They work on vape liquid which is FDA approved. It is a good way to start your rehabilitation as electronic cigarettes will give you something to do and at the same time, you will feel as if you’re actually smoking.

5. Avoid crowded smoky rooms
It is common for people to go to a pub and instantly get a desire to smoke. If you often go to clubs and cafés where it is allowed to smoke, you can easily succumb to this feeling and relapse. Luckily for us, in most western countries it is now prohibited to smoke in public. Yet, you should be cautious when going to happenings and get-togethers.

6. Start training
It is really hard to do sports and smoke at the same time. Sports (whether recreational or serious) force your lungs to work overtime. After a while, it becomes a burden always losing your breath due to smoke. Given that your lungs will work in such a manner, you will slowly start detesting cigarettes as your body rebels against them.

7. Create a schedule
Making a schedule can seem a bit extreme and it may remind you of smokes all the time, but it is something that will make you proud. With each passing without them, you can mark the day when you started. This will give you an additional incentive to continue pushing forward.

8. Ask your family for support
One of the best ways of quitting any bad habit is by relying on your family. No matter what happens, they will be there to assist you. Here, I am not only talking about a motivational talk you might have from time to time. I am also referring to all the activities you can do together to keep your mind occupied and away from cigarettes.

There you go! With a proper plan, you can easily quit smoking for good. Have in mind that this is mostly a step-by-step procedure and the best results are made when you do several things that can help you out with the vice at the same time. Only after everything has been implemented can you start working on the new you!

This partnered post was written by a guest contributor.


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