On my nails: KIKO Smart Nail Lacquer in ‘Dark Chocolate’

17 May 2017

It’s been forever since I showed you my nails! Honestly, there wasn’t much to show. I’ve been keeping them short (because of the baby) and I also haven’t been wearing any exciting colors. Just the same nudes over and over again. And sometimes just a clear polish.

KIKO Milano Cosmetics Naisl Nail Polish Smart Lacquer Dark Chocolate 41

The other day I picked up a few things at KIKO Cosmetics (there’s an actual store near my parents’ house), including two nail polishes. I posted a picture of my purchases on my Instagram. I don’t need any more polishes, but I couldn’t resist since they were on sale (just 2 Euro).

One of the colors I picked out is called: 41 Dark Chocolate from their Smart Nail Lacquer line and just like the name suggests: it’s a creamy, dark chocolate. 😀

For the pictures below I hadn’t even moisturized my hands. Oops!

KIKO Smart Nail Lacquer in ’41 Dark Chocolate’

KIKO Milano Cosmetics Nails Nail Polish Smart Lacquer Dark Chocolate 41

KIKO Milano Cosmetics Naisl Nail Polish Smart Lacquer Dark Chocolate 41

I like the color and the fact that it dries really fast, but I do have to share that the polish is a bit sheer. If I apply one coat, you’ll see my nails shining through; it won’t be as dark as the bottle suggests. I definitely need at least two coats. On the pics I’m wearing two coats and a topcoat.

Overall, I do like it. I love the color and I love how it’s pretty long wearing on my nails. I’ve been wearing it for a few days now and it hasn’t chipped. Impressive, since I wash my hands super often! I might pick up another lacquer soon…

Click here to find a KIKO Milano store nearby; you can also order online.

So tell, me…what’s on your nails right now? 🙂


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