Guest blog: 3 Ways that your watch defines your style

11 May 2017

When it comes to finding the finishing touch to your outfit, perhaps the ultimate accessory is the watch. From the subtle to the flashy, the watch you wear can tell people about you before you have even introduced yourself. But with so many watches on the market, how do you know what message you are sending? Here are 3 ways that your watch defines your style.

1. Sports watches
One of biggest changes in watches over the last few years is the rise of multi-function sports watches. The phenomenal success of companies like FitBit has led to a huge increase in the number of brands offering similar products, and even crossovers in functionality with tech watches (see below). Increasingly, sports watches are becoming part of a fashion statement, complementing the rise in popularity of active wear. Wearing a sports watch gives the impression that you have a healthy and active lifestyle and that you are someone who is investing in their health. Key brands include Fitbit, Polar and Garmin.

2. Smartwatches
The other major new development in recent years has been the rise of “wearable tech,” namely the ever-increasing popularity of smart watches. Arguably made popular by the release of the original Apple watch, smartwatches now come in all shapes and sizes, from those with a classic analog display such as the offering from newcomer Huawei with the Huawei Watch, to the fitness conscious Apple Watch 2. Aside from being able to read your messages and emails, make calls or even track your steps, wearing a smartwatch can also allow you to make a powerful style statement, namely that you are modern and forward thinking and up to date with the latest technological developments. Key brands include Apple, Samsung, and LG.

Ways that your watch defines your style

3. Luxury watches
Luxury watches come in a number of different shapes and sizes, but all of them have three things in common: quality of materials, accurate timekeeping, and beautiful craftsmanship. Luxury watches are nothing short of wearable works of art and their construction can take anything from a few days to over a year. As a rule, the more work that goes into crafting your watch the more expensive it will be.

Some common luxury watch styles are:
Dress watches are specifically designed to be worn with a shirt and jacket. The casing is usually thin and flat to allow the watch to be worn inside your sleeve.
Dive watches Made famous by watches such as the Rolex submariner. Key features are waterproofing and illuminated hands or faces.
Pilots watches It is said that this style of watch was birthed by Cartier when they custom made a wrist watch for a Brazilian pilot called Alberto Santos-Dumont. Common features are easily readable faces and dual time zone features.

Luxury watches are statements of success and a window into your overall lifestyle. How a luxury watch defines your style will depend upon the watch in question, but the mere act of wearing a luxury watch is enough to make you stand out in a crowd. Key luxury watch brands include Rolex, Philip Patak or Cartier. For more information on luxury watches, you can check out Watch and Bullion’s website by clicking HERE.

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