Guest blog: 5 Tips for looking your best in your homecoming dress

03 May 2017

Homecoming is a chance to dress up and look nice. If you already know what to wear for your homecoming but are still looking for ways to make yourself look even better, we have come up with some recommendations below. The secret to looking your best is with the right accessories, shoes, and makeup. Look your best in your homecoming dress by following these tips:

• Liven up your look with the right accessories. Find a piece of jewelry that you want to be the focal point of your entire get-up. For instance, a pair of dangle earrings will be perfect for your strapless plain dress. Jewels can be worn to highlight your best features such as a nice neckline. A gemstone fashion ring can draw the eye to your lovely hands. Hair clips can accentuate gorgeous locks.

• Pick nice but comfortable shoes. The color of your shoes should match the color of your homecoming dress. If you already have a sparkly outfit, opt for nude-color heels. On the other hand, you can add some life to your plain outfit by wearing bright-colored shoes. For example, a pair of hot pink pumps will look great paired with your little black dress. Do not forget to keep comfort in mind especially if you plan on dancing the night away. Whether you are looking for an LBD or a sparkly ensemble, check out Terani Couture dresses for homecoming.

• Style your hair accordingly. Your look will never be complete without getting your hair done. Consider the style of your dress when choosing a hairstyle. A half-up hairdo will look elegant on a v-neck dress while a side pony looks nice with a one-shoulder dress. Keep your mane down when deciding to don a strapless outfit. Keep it pulled back when wearing a high-collar dress.

Tips for looking your best in your homecoming dress

• Add some sparkle to your look. Do your makeup according to the theme, if there is any. Otherwise, a homecoming is the perfect time to wear sparkly and shimmery eyeliners. Other than eye cosmetics, there are other glimmer cosmetics to consider, such as iridescent powders, lip glosses, and bronzers. In choosing the best lip color, you can never go wrong with nude lipstick. It is the perfect option for ladies who prefer natural beauty. For girls who want something fabulous for smokey eyes, choose between burgundy and dusty rose shades.

• Get a manicure and pedicure. It’s time to don those french tips and ombre nail art. Schedule your nail appointment a day or two before the homecoming. For ladies who worry about getting their manicure messed up, beautiful nail stickers can be a practical alternative.

Anyone can look their best by wearing their outfit with confidence. Smile and simply enjoy the night. As the line goes, “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” The homecoming evening is an opportunity to laugh, chat, and have a good time. It would not hurt to learn some dance steps, too! You never know who might invite you out to the dance floor.

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