Tip: Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Makeup Brush Kit from Walmart (it’s duo chrome!)

03 Feb 2017

I have a quick tip for you today. You need to read this post if:

• you need new makeup face brushes
• you want to try ‘toothbrush-like’ makeup brushes
• you don’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes
• you love purple/green duo chrome and metallic

Because….look at these beautiful brushes!

Royal and Langnickel Moda Prismatic Duo chrome Metallic Makeup Brushes Walmart

You can find these gorgeous duo chrome/metallic makeup brushes at Walmart and soon also on the Royal & Langnickel website. They are part of the new ‘Moda’ collection. The set is called the ‘Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit’ and contains 4 brushes.

Royal and Langnickel Moda Prismatic Duo chrome Metallic Makeup Brushes Walmart

Royal and LangnickelModa Prismatic Duo chrome Metallic Makeup Brushes Walmart

As you can see, they’re not the typical makeup brushes. They are synthetic (100% vegan) and the type of that look like toothbrushes. Both the brush hair and the handles are pink/purple and blue/green. Beautiful!

The idea behind these type of brushes is to help people get closer to the mirror when applying makeup. The brushes have vertical handles, which is said to be more ergonomic. With traditional makeup brushes you usually keep the distance of the long handle, but with these, you get a lot closer.

I LOVE the design and feel of these! The handles are sturdy, but flexible and the fibers feel really soft. I personally really like these types of brushes. Besides the vertical handles, the other big different is that they are more densely packed than traditional brushes. Instead of the product ‘sinking’ into the brush, it sits on top. It stays and doesn’t sink into the bottom of the brush and that’s exactly what is really nice about these. You don’t waste any product and you get a more flawless finish. 🙂

Royal and Langnickel Moda Prismatic Duo chrome Metallic Makeup Brushes Walmart

If you see these Royal and Langnickel Moda Prismatic Makeup Brushes at your local Walmart, grab them!! They retail for around $16.50. Great price for four brushes. 🙂 Soon they will also be available online on beautyusa.royalbrush.com. From what I see, there they will be a little more pricey ($24.99). So yeah, Walmart is where it’s at.


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