Upcoming review: Battle of two eye creams

19 Oct 2016

Remember me? I’m still here! Barely though. I think I’ve been getting about an average of 4 hours of sleep every night. I can barely keep my eyes open. I have to admit, my first born Mason is 4 years old now and I had forgotten how much work a newborn is. It seems like such a long time ago that he was this little…
Baby Kayla is doing great though! She’s now almost 6 weeks old and growing like grass. We’ve been breastfeeding, which is going really well. She looks a lot like Mason, but I do see a few differences, mainly in personality. I’m so curious to get to know her better! Like her big brother, she’s a sweetheart of course. 🙂

5, almost 6 weeks actually 😊

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On a different note, I was recently contacted to try out two different eye creams to see which one is my favorite. Since I’ve been getting through the day on a couple of hours of sleep, you can imagine that eye cream is one of my BFFs right now. It used to be concealer, but because I haven’t been applying a lot of makeup, I basically have to rely on achieving good skin with good skincare.

I’m really excited to try out these products, because like every other beauty addict, I’m always searching for something better and more effective!

The two creams I was sent are Made From Earth’s Chamomile Eye Therapy and the
Stem Cell Collagen Moisturizer by Lady Soma, pictured below.

Somalux eye cream Stem Cell Collagen Moisturizer creams
Lady Soma Stem Cell Collagen Moisturizer

made from earth Chamomile Eye Therapy cream creams
Made From Earth Chamomile Eye Therapy

I’m going to try these creams out and I’ll let you know my findings. Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram! I’ve been posting a lot of online beauty deals lately that you don’t want to miss. My username there is @Kizzyonline. 🙂



  1. Ooh these both look very promising! I hope you enjoy pampering yourself with them. 🙂

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