Mommy review: how to turn brush time into playtime with Firefly!

08 Jun 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a ‘mommy’ review, huh? Well, we’re still here! My toddler is doing great. He’s almost 4 years old now and a very happy, curious boy. Now that my baby bump is clearly showing, he’s been asking a lot more questions about the baby and I can tell that he’s looking forward to becoming a big brother!

I’m now almost 25 weeks pregnant: the baby is the size of a soccer ball and is due at the end of September. To prepare our firstborn for his sister’s arrival, we’ve been talking a lot to him about babies and we’ve also been reading books to him about ‘becoming a big brother’.
Another way we try to prepare him, is to teach him to do things on his own, with minimum help of mommy and daddy. Getting ready for bedtime, for example. He’s been doing a lot of things all by himself now, like using the restroom and brushing his teeth.

We get him a fun, new toothbrushes every 3 months and this has been helping a lot. His toothbrushes have all been by Firefly, which we find at Walmart. This company makes great quality products for kids, that are very affordable. Having a cool toothbrush makes it more fun for him to brush his teeth and rinse. It helps turn brush time into playtime! 😉

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

The toothbrush he’s still crazy about is the Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toothbrush, which is part of the Firefly Star Wars Collection (pictured on the left). This toothbrush lights up for 60 seconds, teaching him to brush for one full minute. It makes sounds and has a protective cap to make sure the brush stays clear of any bacteria from the sink or countertop.

To make brush time even more fun, he also has his very own mouthwash: the Firefly Spider-Man Anticavity Fluoride Fun Pump Rinse. It comes with a cup to makes sure he pours the right amount of rinse and doesn’t make a mess. It’s sugar-free, alcohol free and tastes like melon, he loves it, as you can see below!

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

Check out the Firefly Lights, Camera, Smiles sweepstakes on Facebook and enter for your chance to win awesome Firefly character products, or the grand prize trip for a family of 4 to the land of the stars: Hollywood!

See more pics of my toddler and his lightsaber toothbrush below. 🙂

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes Firefly

Firefly is a leader in children’s oral care solutions and has recently expanded its line of toothbrushes to include even more fun characters and products that are ADA-approved and offer Good. Clean. Fun. at an affordable price point.

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Firefly®, REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


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