I cut my hair! I’m all about that “bob” now :-)

20 Apr 2016

I cut my hair! Yes, again – see my hair ‘before’ here and here. This time I went much shorter. I was going for a simple bob, but the hairstylist I went to at the A Salon Paul Mitchell in San Diego had a better plan.

She gave me an A-line bob haircut that is ‘stacked’: meaning there’s layering at the back and long front locks. The back view is basically the focal point of the look: it’s a bob that’s rounded at the back through gradual layering and slightly angled toward the front. I love it! Pictures below.

hair haircut A-line stacked bob hairstyle
Here I am, at the A Salon Paul Mitchell in San Diego.

hair haircut A-line stacked bob hairstyle

The hairstylist chose a stacked cut for me, because, even though I have a lot of hair (a lot!), it’s very fine. Having an angled and layered cut makes my hair look thicker than it is.
Moreover, since my hair is naturally very curly, this haircut also works for the so-called ‘wash-and-go’, when I don’t want to straighten my hair with a flat iron. Instead of my curls going outwards (having me look like a mushroom… LOL), it will lay more along the sides of my face. I love that this hairstyle makes it easy to wear my hair both straight and curly. It’s all about variety, right? 🙂

hair haircut A-line stacked bob hairstyle

hair haircut A-line stacked bob hairstyle

With a new hairstyle comes new hair products of course! In my opinion, this particular hairdo looks its best if you hair is sleek and smooth (so no frizz!); this is the hairline I was using prior and I’ll show you which hair products I started using recently in a separate post. 🙂

What do you think? Like my new hair? I don’t think I’ll be going any shorter in the future. Maybe I’ll just let it grow out now… who knows!


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