5 tips to make your makeup look better

02 Nov 2015

How was your Halloween? I had a blast! It was my first time celebrating Halloween in San Diego and it didn’t disappoint! Downtown was packed with people and I have to say: San Diego has a lot of very creative residents, I saw tons of great and original costumes. Can you guess who I was supposed to be? 😉 I know, not that original… I didn’t do anything special as far as makeup goes either. I matched my lipstick to my bow and I added dramatic lashes. How about you? Did you dress up?

Halloween 2015 San Diego better makeup

Speaking of makeup, today’s post is all about makeup mistakes. I’m a firm believer of do whatever you like, when it comes to makeup. If you like your makeup a certain way, don’t let anybody tell you it’s wrong or that you need to change it. Makeup is a form of self-expression, just like fashion is. There’s no right or wrong.

There are, however, a few ‘mistakes’ that you can make, things that will prevent you from looking your best, as they say. Nothing bad, but just a few things that you would want to keep in mind when you’re doing your makeup. Check out these 5 tips below to make your makeup look better. 🙂

1. Try to match your foundation (whether it’s powder or liquid) to your skin. The right shade will look natural on your skin and blend seamlessly when applied over your jawline. Your foundation should match your neck.

2. When it comes to concealer, it’s better to apply it after you’ve done your foundation. A lot of times a thin layer of foundation will cover up most of your dark circles or blemishes. So you don’t need a lot of concealer. The more concealer you use, the ‘cakier’ it gets.

3. Always apply an eyeshadow primer! It will keep your eyeshadows looking good ALL day and it will also make the colors more vibrant. It only takes 5 extra seconds, so don’t skip it.

4. Don’t make your eyebrows look too intense. Intense eyebrows are beautiful in Instagram pictures, but in real life… not so much! If you fill them in, use a shade that’s close to your hair color and use hair-like strokes to avoid them looking too drawn on.

5. Prevent using too much blush by remembering to always tap your blush brush to remove excess powder before applying it to the cheeks. Use very little of the blush for a natural flush.

I’ll the first one to admit that I tend to apply too much blush, making it look the opposite of natural. I don’t know why I do it, I just love blush, I guess. I’m trying to do better!

Any tips you might like to add?


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