Guest blog: Top 4 tips to help you care for and maintain your curly hair

25 Sep 2015

It is true that curly hair is very difficult to manage, style, care for and maintain. If you have this type of hair, you may have also noticed that it gets dry faster, is more affected by humidity and is more prone to breakages and split ends. But are you going to just sit there, whine and complain about the challenges you are facing or would you rather do something to maintain your curls natural and gorgeous? Check out our four tips below and make your own choice!

1) Conditioners & shampoos to use
As we have already highlighted above, curly hair is drier and more vulnerable to damage than other types. It is, therefore, important that you go for shampoos and hair conditioners that have been specifically made for this kind of hair. Also, note that not all products labeled “for damaged/curly hair” are genuinely so. Make sure you do some research before buying a product. And don’t worry about the prices, as with a Neiman Marcus coupon or other special promos you won’t have break the bank to acquire such hair-care products!

2) Ways to condition your curly hair
When conditioning your curly hair avoid “greasing” up your scalp and leading to a weigh-down of the hair closest to it. Keep the product on for a longer period of time to moisturize and soften your hair. Plus, you do not even have to buy two separate products, i.e. rinse-out and leave-in conditioners, because the former can be used for both purposes! For better results, leave your conditioner on when you go to sleep.

3) How to style your curly hair
Though curly hair can be difficult to style, you can use curling mousse and gel products to give the curls higher definition and create the lovely scrunched beachy waves. You can get some of these products from Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly. You can also use natural oils like coconut oil to produce your own home-made deep scalp and hair treatment. Massage a great deal of pure coconut oil on your scalp and hair, cover it with a shower cap, wrap with a towel and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash off the oil using a mild shampoo to leave soft beautiful curls.

4) How regularly should you wash your curly hair?
No hair type should be shampooed too often, including curly hair. While this could lead to its getting even more dry, towel-drying, brushing, and blow-drying too frequently could cause even more damage. In fact, the less you manipulate you hair, the better.
Tip: Lathering and foaming easily after a number of shampooing rounds is an indication that your hair has become clean; dirt prevents shampoo from lathering easily.


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