Mommy review: Babynero Organic Body Oil by Amanprana

28 Jul 2015

As a beauty blogger I try out a lot of different skincare products. Over the years I can kinda predict what will work for me and what not. Products with Hyaluronic acid (used to make wrinkles and fine lines less visible) for example, I stay far away from. These tend the break me out right away. I also try to stay away from skincare products with parabens or mineral oil. Knowing this, I have no problems trying out new skincare products for this blog. It’s fun!

When it comes to our two-year-old, however, his dad and I are a little more careful. When it comes to Mason, we try to stay far far away from products that contain parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or other chemicals. We usually stick to the same products and when we do introduce his skin to something new, we do it gradually.

Recently, I was introduced to a brand from Belgium, called Amanprana. This brand uses extra virgin almond oil, extra virgin red palm oil and essential oils to moisturize the skin. The dosage of essential oil is adapted to the children.
Amanprana has come out with two oils that are specifically for children: Babynero for babies and Babaluna for toddlers. Even though my baby is not a baby anymore (he’ll be 3 on Friday!), we were sent Babynero for us to try. Babynero is formulated without ANY chemicals. Very exciting!

Amanprana Babynero baby oil

The skin of babies and toddlers is naturally more sensitive. Babynero is a sunny, smiling, and warm oil that may be used for babies and for all ages thereafter. Only when you can safely eat it can you safely apply it to your skin. 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% active

✔ Organic face oil
✔ Organic massage oil, body oil
✔ Emotional balance
✔ A warm sense of security
✔ A good night rest
✔ A soft fragrance

List of ingredients:

Amanprana Babynero baby oil

My thoughts
The reason I was anxious to try the Babynero Organic Body Oil, is because even though we’re in The Netherlands right now, we’re going home soon, where it’s very hot and dry (Vegas is built in the middle of a desert). A good oil is necessary to keep our from drying out! Babynero is an oil that contains ingredients that are 100% organic and it does NOT contain any chemicals.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been using it as his sole moisturizer. I’ve also been adding it to his bathwater. We’ve both been really liking it. His skin is soft and moisturized, but not greasy whatsoever. It smells like citrus, almond and lavender all at once, but the scent is very subtle. 🙂

Las Vegas has a different climate than The Netherlands, but I’m confident that we’ll enjoy this oil over there as well. It’s good stuff!

Where to buy
You can find Babynero Organic Body Oil by Amavida on Amanvida’s website and in select salons. It retails for €39.95 (200ml). A little pricey, but I do think it’s worth it! You only need a little bit.


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