Always Discreet! Because #PeeHappens

24 Jun 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Always Discreet. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Today’s topic is a little different, but nothing to be embarrassed about! Ever heard of stress incontinence? Stress incontinence is a common complaint among smokers, women who are obese and pregnant women. Some women still suffer from it after they have their baby. The chance of having urinary incontinence` is also higher for mothers who have had many children, especially if they delivered vaginally.

Normally, your nerves, ligaments and pelvic floor muscles work together to support your bladder and keep the urethra closed so urine doesn’t leak out. Overstretching or injury to these areas during pregnancy or childbirth can cause them to stop working properly.

Luckily, I myself don’t have and never had issues with ‘pee leakage’, but I do have a girlfriend who does. I asked her a few questions for the sake of this blog post about incontinence protection to be as informative as possible! đŸ™‚ She’s had this problem ever since she had her baby a year ago. There are special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which she does. The exercises are helping, she says, but it still takes time to strengthen the muscles. It’s not a big deal to her though. Pee happens. It happens to 1 in 3 women in the US and she’s not embarrassed about it. She knows it will get better eventually.

Recently, she started using Always Discreet, which she says is a very good brand: “You no longer need to feel like you’re wearing an adult diaper to get incontinence protection”, she says. We all know Always as the global leader in feminine protection, but did you know that they also offer incontinence products?

Sensitive bladder leaks are a reality for more than 40 million American women, but only 1 in 9 women is using the right product (many are using regular pads, which arenĂ¢â‚¬â„¢t designed for bladder leaks!). Always Discreet was recently granted the Good Housekeeping Seal and named Product of the Year in the bladder protection category.

Always Discreet #PeeHappens

My friend uses two different products: the Disposable Always Discreet Underwear and the Always Discreet Pads. The Disposable Always Discreet Underwear is (like the name says) discreet to wear, soft and comfortable. It has the extra protection of Dual LeakGuard barriers to help stop leaks at the leg, where they are most likely to occur. It also offers innovative OdorLock technology that neutralizes odors instantly and its Advanced Core Technology absorbs and locks away fluids, keeping you dry. Available in 3 sizes.

On a day-to-day basis she uses Always Discreet Pads, which, she says, aren’t as bulky as you expect them to be! They’re up to 40% thinner than the leading brand and absorb twice as much fluid. They come in re-sealable wrappers like regular pads. You can find more details on the Always Discreet website.

Where to buy
You can find Always Discreet products at drugstores, grocery stores and mass retailers. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter. Always Discreet liners, pads and underwear were recently awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal & Product of the Year Best New Product Award. Always Discreet liners were also granted a Better Homes & Gardens Best New Product Award. Remember, stress incontinence is nothing to be embarrassed about!


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