Guest blog: My pregnancy beauty routine (by Nadine)

31 May 2015

At 9 months pregnant, asking me about my “beauty routine” is pretty laughable. I’m sure it will become even more of a farce after the little one arrives since I was never much the kind of woman who put on a full face of makeup daily. Most of the time, I’d put on makeup on to feel polished off, more confident or really pull a whole look together. Daily, it was minimal, just to conceal blemishes and look less tired.

pregnancy beauty routine
My life right there

Nowadays if I’m not going out, or even if I am, makeup is not happening to this face. The few times I do put on makeup I feel like so accomplished. “Look at me, I am a dazzling example of beauty and womanhood.” Even if I only put on my few staples of under-eye concealer (Garnier dark circle treatment), mascara and lip balm. My hair is just wash and dry, but if it’s humid or otherwise windy out, I’ll put some paste or hairspray in there to keep from looking like Donald Trump.

Day to day, that’s it! Maybe eyeliner if I am feeling saucy. And the eyeliner I’ve been digging lately is an Elf black cream eyeliner I got on a whim while waiting on line at Old Navy. It was hot, I was tired and my blood sugar was low (hey there gestational diabetes!) so I was prone to impulse buys.

pregnancy beauty routine

The best thing about being pregnant, besides the fact I get my own little mini-me at the end of all this, is that my skin has never looked better in my whole life. As long as you don’t count the under-eye circles from pregnancy-insomnia. My skin has been beautiful and blemish free. Maybe it’s hormones, or all the vitamins, or just staying super well hydrated but I really do hope this lasts. Adult acne is a drag, and is really super unfair to do to a person when they are buying acne products and anti-aging creams and dying their grays all at the same time. Something’s gotta give.

pregnancy beauty routine

The other thing I really recommend while pregnant, and even not, is coconut oil. I will put that on anything. If something is bothering you, coconut oil will heal it, head to toe. It moisturizes your life and heals your wounds and dries your tears. After baby is born, it is a great alternative to chemical-laden baby lotions. The baby nurse/lactation consultant from Calm Baby RN recommended coconut oil rub-downs followed by a wet washcloth wipe down for newborn bath time, and I definitely have a whole new tub of coconut oil waiting to go just for this purpose!

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Nadine is a cat-loving alien hunter from New Jersey,
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