Feeling fit, looking stylish: Hot sportswear for 2015

23 Apr 2015

Getting fit is a goal many of us aspire to, and these days there is no reason why we can’t achieve this goal and look stylish at the same time. Sportswear has come a long way from the ragged old gray sweats of yore, and there is a huge variety of fashionable styles from which to pick, based on your own unique tastes. Here are a few of the hot sportswear trends of 2015.

Comfort is key
Sportswear needs to be comfortable; if it is not then you probably won’t be as motivated as you should be to get fit. If one style doesn’t work for you don’t give up – there are plenty of other options available. This is particularly true when it comes to plus size workout clothes that are comfortable and stylish; today, it is no longer necessary for plus-size women to have to settle for unflattering and ill-fitting garments when working out. The choices available are almost endless.

Leggings with patterns and vivid colors
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing your workout leggings under your work clothes or out on the town. With the variety of patterns available, you may find that there are leggings that will go with most items in your wardrobe. Leggings are slimming and flattering to all body types. They offer freedom of movement when working out and can accommodate the changes to your body that occur as you become more fit.

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Transparent layers
If you are not really comfortable just wearing a sports-bra – or you are looking for a hip and sexy workout look – you can jump on board the transparent layer trend. Transparent cover-ups can be layered over a workout top, or you might choose leggings that have transparent panels in interesting designs. These products have the added benefit of offering protection from the sun when working out outside without the weight and heat of a traditional sweatshirt.

Sneakers with flair
Designers have reinvented the sneaker to create workout shoes that are not only comfortable, but also make a strong fashion statement. Fashion runways have recently featured sneakers sporting sequins and an array of bright colors that would fit in at a nightclub as well as a gym. Some designers are hand embroidering sneakers to give them an artistic look that is both unique and stylish.

Shorts in fun and functional designs
Workout shorts now come in an array of designs that could easily do double duty at the beach or just relaxing with friends after work. Many stylish designs also have drawstrings and vents that allow you to customize them for a more comfortable workout.

Finding what is right for you
Fit is very important when it comes to sportswear. Since everybody is made differently, you will want to take your measurements so as to ensure that you find the sportswear that flatters your particular body type and offers you the most comfort. There is nothing worse than workout gear that looks like it should be worn by someone else. Embrace your true beauty and get the size and style that fits you the best. If a garment doesn’t fit right when you get it, exchange it for one that does or you will find yourself regretting it.


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