Review: Scentbird, a monthly perfume subscription service (+ coupon code)

16 Mar 2015

Today I have something to share with you that has been very convenient to me during my stay here in Hawaii! 🙂 A few weeks before my trip I was contacted by a company called Scentbird. Scentbird is a new luxury fragrance subscription service and if you sign up, each month you’ll receive a 30-day supply of a luxury perfume of your choice.
It’s a personalized subscription and you will only receive perfumes you want to try. This is a fun way to try new perfumes on a regular basis without having to commit to a full-size (expensive) bottle! I received a 1-month trial membership for review purposes.

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What you do is this: you sign up on the Scentbird website and take the quiz (they call it the Scent Recommender), get personal recommendations and pick from 350+ fragrances that are 100% authentic. The Scent Recommender helps you build a queue of perfumes to wear in the coming months.
There are different subscription options: you can choose month by month or get a better value by choosing the 3-month, 6-month or 12-month option. With your first order you’ll receive a luxury case (which sadly I did not receive with my trial) and after that they will send you a 0.27 oz/8 ml spray bottle every month of the perfume of your choice that you can pop into your travel case.

Scentbird luxury fragrance subscription service

Scentbird luxury fragrance subscription service

I’ve been carrying my Scentbird with me on vacation and I love it! The scent I received for this review is Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo. This is a perfume I picked out myself using the Perfume Recommender: I answered a few questions about my preferences and then was given a bunch of options to choose from. Jimmy Choo is a scent that I was not familiar with at all (never even sniffed it in the store), but according to the Perfume Recommender it’s a sexy, sweet and everyday scent and that why I picked it.

Scentbird luxury fragrance subscription service

I’ve been wearing Jimmy Choo every day during my stay here in Hawaii and I love it! I’ve actually already put in on my personal wish list, because I need a whole bottle of it now. It smells really good! I’ve even had a couple of people asking me what fragrance I was wearing. Needless to say, I’m happy to have discovered it. 🙂
I also love the convenience of having a little spray bottle in my purse, especially now on vacation. I’ve been using it daily for almost 3 weeks and surprisingly I’m just a little over half way done. 0.27 oz/8 ml is a pretty decent amount, it will for sure last for another week or 2!

​​​​​Get it with a discount ​
If you’re someone who likes trying out new perfume without having to commit to a full bottle, you will really enjoy this subscription. A Scentbird membership is $14.95 a month and there are 350+ perfumes to choose from. It’s a fun way to try out expensive scents!
And guess what? Kizzy Online readers now get 15% off your first month! Enter coupon code “SPRINGBIRD” at checkout. This offer expires on April 30 or while supplies last. You can cancel your subscription at any time, just remember to cancel before the 5th of the month so you are not charged for that month.



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