Mommy talk: Comforts for Baby Training Pants and Wipes

24 Feb 2015

Are you ready for some mommy talk? I don’t ‘talk mommy’ all that often on my blog, because honestly… I prefer talking beauty. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE being a mom, but sometimes it’s nice to talk about other stuff. My blog is a way for me to ‘escape’ (that sounds more dramatic than it really is!) from everyday life and chat about other things besides potty training and baby wipes. I’m making an exception now, because I think that if you’re a mom of a baby or toddler and you live near a Kroger store (or any of the Kroger Co. Family of Stores, like Smith’s), you need to check out Comforts for Baby. Your wallet will thank you. 🙂


​​Comforts for Baby training pants wipes​​

Back in 2013 I was sent a couple of Comforts for Baby products to try. Mason was 14 months old at the time. We were sent diapers, fragrance free wipes, a baby wash and a shampoo. You can see the post I wrote on these products here. Great quality products and very affordable, I especially liked the diapers. Did you know that the average baby will require 7000 to 9000 diaper changes before they’re potty trained? I didn’t! Imagine how much money that is… Comforts for Baby is very comparable to the leading brands in quality, but a lot less expensive. It’s definitely a brand you should consider for your kid!


​​Comforts for Baby training pants wipes​​
Comforts for Baby Training Pants, front & back

Anywho, now, 18 months later (Mason is 2½ years old), we’re trying out the Comforts for Baby Training Pants and Wipes! We’ve been potty training Mason since the day he turned 2 years old. It started out really promising: he was really into it and was excited to go to the bathroom all by himself. These days, unfortunately, he pretty much refuses to go potty most of the time, so having good quality training pants is a must!

In my opinion, these training pants by Comforts for Baby are just as good as the diapers in this line or the training pants from more expensive brands. They look like real underwear, they keep him dry for hours and protect his bottom. Because of the colorful designs he loves putting them on! They’re easy for him to pull up and down and the easy-open sides make them easy for me remove too! One less thing to worry about…


​​Comforts for Baby training pants wipes​​

The baby wipes are not the best wipes in the world (they’re not as wet as other wipes I’ve tried), but they are sturdy, moisturizing and soft and they get the job done. They’re cloth-like and don’t have any alcohol or scent to them, which is great! Perfumes will just irritate your kid’s bottom and you don’t want that… Instead, they contain vitamin E and aloe. Besides baby wipes, Comforts for Baby also has toddler wipes, which are safe to flush. I haven’t tried these yet, but they’re on my list!


​​Comforts for Baby training pants wipes


​​Comforts for Baby training pants wipes​​

Comforts for Baby Training Pants and Fragrance Free Wipes are exclusively available at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores: Kroger, Smith’s, Food4Less, Fred Meyer, Ralphs etc. The training pants come in sizes 2T – 5T. Prices vary per state.



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  1. Lioness Light Says: February 1, 2016 at 6:27 am

    The Comfort Training Pants for girls 4-5T, horrible! I read reviews how great they were and purchased them. First night, completely SOAKED, LEAKED through all over the bed and soaked the mattress liner.

    Effectiveness – ZERO!
    Reliability – ZERO!
    Over night security – ZERO!
    Worth the money – ZERO!

    NOT RECOMMENDED for any reason.

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