Beauty Question: Is there a product you feel guilty buying?

18 Feb 2015

It’s time for another beauty question! Today’s topic is GUILT:
Is there a beauty product you feel guilty buying?

MAC lipstick drawying

Every time I buy another MAC lipstick, I feel guilty.

For me it’s definitely lipstick. I have soooo many lipsticks in the same shade range, that buying more is just ridiculous. Every time I buy a new lipstick, my head almost explodes from guilt.
I always have an excuse though: it’s pretty, the formula is awesome, I ‘have to have’ it, it’s limited edition, it’s cheap, it’s unique etc. etc. The guilt disappears quick though… 😀

What about you?



  1. It used to be body scrub (if you can believe it) but now that I stopped blogging I’ve got down to having just two on the go. Don’t fall over from shock ha ha

  2. Really, Annette? Only 2 left? That’s impressive!

  3. “hello guys very nice blog because people gets lots of information about different types of beauty products.” Thanks Neha

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