Review: Diva d’Or Derma Roller, a Titanium Micro-needle Roller for Face

11 Feb 2015

If somebody would told me that in 2015 I would be ‘Derma Rolling’ or putting needles into my skin, I would look at them funny. Needles in my skin? Voluntarily? No way! But yes, I’ve been doing it and I’m obsessed now! Derma Rolling has a lot of different benefits as there are different length needles for different areas, not just your face. There are several skin issues you can treat by rolling these needles into your skin: fine lines, wrinkles, (acne) scars, cellulite etc.
I’ve been trying out this tool for a couple of weeks now: I was sent a 1.0mm Derma Roller by Diva d’Or. To find out what it is exactly, what these needles do and what my thoughts are on it, read my review below!


Review Diva d'or Derma Roller titanium micro-needle roller 1.0mm Amazon​​​

​​​What it is:​​​​ ​
The Diva d’Or Derma Roller is a titanium micro-needle roller, that has 540 1.0mm needles. Microneedling, which is the term for using a derma roller, is used for anti-aging, acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, eye pouches, body, hair loss, cellulite, scalp and beauty enhancement.

The Diva d’Or Derma Roller has the following benefits:

– Stimulates collagen formation.
– Tightens skin and restores elasticity.
– Softens fine lines.
– Reduces the appearance of scarring.
– Reduces cellulite.
– Reduces pigmentation and sun damage.
– Improves the skin’s ability to absorb topical serums, gels and creams.

It comes in a sterile package, so it’s ready to use. It also includes a travel case which you can of course, also use for storage.


Review Diva d'or Derma Roller titanium micro-needle roller 1.0mm Amazon​​​

How do I use my Derma Roller? Roll up and down the skin 3-4 times using an equal speed and light pressure. First do it vertically, then horizontally and then diagonally across both ways. Complete this on each area to be treated.
How often should I use my Derma Roller? The treatment should take 5-10 minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times a week.
Does it need to be used with serum or moisturiser? Certainly yes, the Derma Roller allows better absorption and you need to use a good serum or Hyaluronic acid or moisturiser
Can I share my roller even if I have sterilised it? Always use a sterilized Derma Roller and don’t share it with others.
Is Derma Rolling a safe practice? Certainly yes, but even the safest activities done the wrong way can bring unwanted outcomes. If you have conditions such as: active acne, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema, infected skin, then Derma Rolling should be avoided. ​
How do I keep my Derma Roller clean? Deep your Derma Roller clean by frequently sterilizing it using rubbing alcohol.


Review Diva d'or Derma Roller titanium micro-needle roller 1.0mm Amazon​​​


Review Diva d'or Derma Roller titanium micro-needle roller 1.0mm Amazon​​​

​​​My thoughts:​​​​ ​
Before I started using the Derma Roller I read the instructions super carefully and I looked at a bunch of videos online. I’m not a big fan of needles and the fact that I had to put a bunch of needles into my skin myself kinda scared me. However, the raving reviews I read got to me, so I was curious to try it myself.

So I start off by washing my face as normal, I pat my face dry and then start rolling the tool in different directions on my face. I focus on my cheeks, which is my problem area as I have enlarged pores and acne scars. When I’m done rolling (‘microneedling’, I should say), I rinse my face with cold water and apply my Vitamin C serum.

It takes a little practice (it was a little difficult in the beginning to get it to ‘change direction’ without lifting it up), but after using it a few times it got easier and now I do it without really thinking. It does hurt a little bit (they’re real needles!), but I try not to push too hard. I recommend applying a numbing cream if you prefer a ‘deeper’ treatment. I rather keep it light.


Review Diva d'or Derma Roller titanium micro-needle roller 1.0mm Amazon​​​

So far I’ve been doing it twice a week and I’ve had no issues with peeling or redness. I’ve actually noticed a big difference in just the couple of weeks that I’ve been using this tool. I’ve been putting my skin care products on right after I’m done using it and I can tell that they get absorbed better and I see better results. My skin feels softer and smoother. I don’t like doing it in the morning, because I don’t want to apply makeup right after. I rather doing it at night and let my skin care do its thing while I’m sleeping. 😉

I will definitely continue using my Derma Roller and I’ll report back on the long-term results!



​​​Where to buy:​​​​ ​ ​
You can find the Diva d’Or Derma Roller on Amazon. It retails for $18.75 with free shipping, if you have Amazon Prime. Great deal!



​Product w​as sent to me by the company.​ ​Links are not affiliate links.



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  1. I have to honestly say this looks like something that would have been sold in a Victorian health magazine! Not for me but I’m glad you’ve got on well with it! x

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