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10 Feb 2015

Oh wow, I’ve reached 500 Likes on my Facebook page! 500 people have clicked my Like button and see my (almost) daily updates. That is so awesome! 😀

Thanks, everyone! Not just the people who have recently Liked the Facebook page, but also those who have been supporting me for a while, since before I moved from the Netherlands to the US. I have readers who have been with me for years! That is so cool, thank you so much! I’d also like to thank my husband (he helps me a lot with the technical behind-the-scenes stuff) and my family (my parents, brother, cousins) and friends for blog post ideas.
Not only is it exciting to have so many loyal readers, but the truth is that the more Likes the page has, the more people it will reach, which, in a nutshell, means more blog readers, more feedback and more blog opportunities!


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To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided that’s it’s time for a new blog design! I’ve had the same green layout for years now and it’s time for a change. It might take a while, but when it’s finished and ready to go live (the goal is to have it ready to launch before Spring), I’ll be hosting a huge giveaway, just for the readers who have Liked the Facebook page. I’ll be giving away some of my all-time favorite makeup items, so keep an eye on the Facebook page! That is where I’ll be announcing the new layout and the celebratory giveaway. I’m excited. 🙂

Again…thank your for the support! Please continue to Like and share my posts and leave me comments. I appreciate it! And if you’re in the US, don’t forget to enter my current giveaway. It ends next week.

​​​If you’re not one of the 500 readers who has Liked my Facebook page, what are you waiting for? Click the Like button below!​​​​​ ​ ​



Kizzy, blogger behind Kizzy Online, originally created this blog to use as her personal life journal. When she moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2010, she started focusing more on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She also writes about her life as a wife and a mom of 2 in San Diego, California.

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