Tip Tuesday: Muppets Most Wanted OPI Nail Polish Set for $4.50

03 Feb 2015

I usually post these things on my Twitter or Instagram, but I realize not everybody is on social media (or following me), so I decided to post this here. Wanna get 4 OPI nail polishes for less than 5 bucks? Keep reading!

In Spring 2014 OPI came out with their annual Soft Shades nail polish collection dedicated to The Muppets. The Muppets Most Wanted movie came out in March of that year. Even though I’m a big fan of the Muppets (Miss Piggy is my girl!), I missed out on this collection. I honestly can’t remember why I didn’t get one or two of these polishes. I had already missed out on the original Muppets Collection from OPI that was released at the end 2011 (I blame that on being pregnant with my toddler at the time). So why didn’t I jump on these? Who knows…


Muppets Most Wanted OPI Nail Polish Set TJ Maxx Sale​​

The other day I was walking around TJ Maxx (I ADORE that store, I’m in there at least once a week!), where I spotted this mini kit of Muppets Most Wanted nail polishes from 2014. This set contains these 4 polishes that are 1.8 fl. oz each:

​​​​☻ Miss Piggy’s Big Number
​​​​☻ I Love Applause
​​​​☻ Kermit Me to Speak
​​​​☻ Chillin’ Like a Villain

​​​Nail polishes in this miniature set:​​​​ ​ ​
OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number is a rich blue metallic with the slightest hint of duo-chrome to it. OPI I Love Applause is a light pink with the signature soft shade finish: it’s part creme, part jelly. OPI Kermit Me to Speak is a duo-chromatic shade that shifts from pink to a golden tan. OPI Chillin’ Like a Villain is a peach toned nude shade. It has the signature OPI soft shade finish to it, just like I Love Applause.


Muppets Most Wanted OPI Nail Polish Set TJ Maxx Sale​​

So happy to have found these! Now on to the best part of this post: this set cost me $4.50! It was originally $5.99 at TJ Maxx, but they had marked it down. Please note that this originally retailed for $12. Score!! 🙂 Check out your nearest TJ Maxx, if you’re interested in this deal. And don’t wait too long: when it’s gone, it’s gone. Now I need to get my hands on the original mini set…



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