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13 Jan 2015

Today’s post isn’t about beauty, it’s about health. Nothing’s more important than your health, right? When you are physically fit, it reflects on how you feel and how you look. A while ago my doctor recommended Probiotics to me. My health wasn’t the greatest and in order to strengthen my immune system, I was told to start taking Probiotics on a daily basis. I didn’t do it though. I forgot about it until I was contacted by ZenwiseLabs to try their Super Strength Probiotics for review purposes. I then remembered what the doctor had told me and that I should have been taking these already. Well, better late than never, right?


Zenwise Labs Super Strength Probiotics review

The term ‘probiotic’ literally means for life. Probiotics are good bacteria like those that live naturally in the digestive tract and are important in supporting digestive and immune health.They are pills containing the helpful or ‘friendly’ bacteria that normally live in the human digestive tract. They are necessary, because they help complete the digestive process (they increase the number of beneficial bacteria) and some assist in the production of vitamins.

Probiotics can help to keep the digestive system in balance and functioning optimally, restore normal flora, and may support immune system function. Especially if you take antibiotics, because antibiotics can wipe out intestinal bacteria indiscriminately, including those that help keep the intestinal tract healthy.

I won’t go into more details (this is all I know really), but I did want to write this review. Since I’ve been taking these Super Strength Probiotics I haven’t had a single issue and I feel more energized. I take them with lots of water and they don’t make me nauseous or make my stomach hurt. They’re big pills, but easy to swallow and there’s no weird aftertaste. As long as they make them, I’ll continue taking these!


Zenwise Labs Super Strength Probiotics review

Zenwise Labs’ Super Strength Probiotics are for adults and kids and can be found on Amazon. They are all-natural, contain 10 natural probiotic cultures and each serving contains 15 billion live probiotic cultures. Each bottle has 60 vegetarian tablets for a month long supply. Click here for more information.

If you’re lactose intolerance, have irritable bowel syndrome or if you frequently have diarrhea or yeast infections, I recommend taking Probiotics every day. You’ll feel better! 🙂



​Product w​as sent to me by the company. All opinions are 100% my own. Links used are not affiliate links.



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