About my natural curls on New Year’s Eve (it was all Creme of Nature)

08 Jan 2015

I have sneezed at least 50 times in the last couple of days. It’s crazy. There’s this bad flu in town and unfortunately I’m one of the people it decided to pay a visit to. Ugh! Anyone else feeling blah? Hit me up, so we can feel blah together!

So, a couple of people asked me about my hair when I posted my New Year’s Eve pictures. A lot of you liked it! Thank you! There wasn’t much to it, to be honest. I have naturally curly hair, so if you see me with curls that means that I didn’t do much to my hair that day…lol! The most ‘work’ for me is to get those curls straight! On New Year’s Eve I felt like rocking my natural curls and I did use something new that day to make them ‘pop’ more and give them that pretty shine!

Creme of Nature Hair Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme Butter-Licious Curls Hydrating Buttercreme<

I used two products by Creme of Nature that each contain Argan Oil from Morocco. I’ve been obsessed with Argan, can you tell?! It’s so good! No flakiness, not greasiness, just moisture and shine. Great stuff! Anyway, about my curls on New Year’s Eve, courtesy of Creme of Nature (see pic below):

I first added the Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme. This is a creme that adds moisture to your hair, enhances your curls, tackles frizz etc, but is especially good against shrinkage (black hair can easily shrink up to over 70% of its real length!). I applied it when my hair was still damp (so straight out of the shower). Then I just let my hair air-dry.

When my hair was fully dry, right before I left the house actually, I added the Butter-Licious Curls Curl Hydrating Buttercreme, a moisturizer also with Argan, Shea and Cocoa butters. It softens your hair and hydrates it. If you have curls like I do, you know that your hair can get really dry and frizzy! This stuff gets rid of that dryness, but it keeps your hair light and not greasy. It’s also supposed to reduce breakage in the long run.

Creme of Nature Hair Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme Butter-Licious Curls Hydrating Buttercreme

So that’s all I used. Super easy and my hair stayed perfect! I had received samples from Creme of Nature when I attended an event they sponsored (thank you!), but I’m ready to go out and purchase the full-sized jars! Creme of Nature is available at Walgreens. 🙂



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