Bedroom décor ideas for fashion fanatics

21 Dec 2014

If you love fashion the chances are that you’ll want a trendy pad inspired by your love of everything that’s in style. Not only will it look fantastic, but you’ll create a haven that brings originality and personality home to roost; a place you can truly call your own. Your bedroom is one room of your home where you can really go out all out to achieve that look by injecting bags of character and inspiration. Here’s how!


Bedroom décor ideas for fashion fanatics​​

A fashionista’s boudoir
If you live with others, your bedroom is perhaps the only place in which you’ll be able to make your mark, so be sure to make it somewhere you enjoy being in. Additionally, a truly stylish bedroom will inspire your fashion choices as you head out for the day; after all, who says that fashion has to stop with the clothes that you wear?

So, what’s hot and what’s not in the world of bedroom décor? Well, nudes are incredibly popular at the moment, and neutral shades will help you to create warm and calming visuals in your bedroom, as well as keeping things simple. A bit of simple trickery also works a treat; vertical stripes are great for lengthening bodies, whilst wearing black can create the illusion of a slimmer figure. In much the same way, choosing wallpaper and accessories wisely can help you to create a myriad of illusions.

Bringing fashion into your bedroom is much easier than you may think. Patterned drapes, throws, cushions, and borders can be used to add character, and choosing wallpaper inspired by current trends, or a favorite look, is an instant way to create remarkable features. Accessorizing is another instant way to add a little glamor into your boudoir; fashion photography and prints, vintage editions of Vogue, and decorative wall hangings will always turn heads, and you can use items of old clothing to upholster furniture, and display jewelry and scarves to give your room an incredible lift. To add beautiful finishing touches consider the soft furnishings that you could use, such as pillows and throws on your bed. Choose items that be swapped and stored easily, allowing you to keep up with changing trends.

Bedroom essentials
Of course, the perfect bedroom will also need the right furniture; after all, you’ll need somewhere to house your favorite fashions. Your bed will be the true centerpiece of your bedroom, so make sure it’s suitably dressed! A dressing table and full-length mirror are also absolute musts for every fashionista, and chests of drawers are great for storing smaller items, lingerie, and accessories. However, a decent wardrobe is perhaps the most important part of any stylish bedroom, and is absolutely vital for keeping clothes neat and tidy. With so many elegant wardrobe designs to choose from you’ll be hard-pressed to choose your favorite; be sure to choose a design that fits in with your room’s current style though whether it’s vintage, shabby chic, or ultra modern.

​​If you like fashion, the chances are that your style choices won’t end with the clothes you wear. Creating the perfect bedroom can be a great way to complement and inspire the style choices that you make, and will provide a safe haven for you to keep up to date with the latest trends.

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