July empties! Makeup and skin care I’ve used up

02 Aug 2014

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence. Don’t really have much of an excuse, except that ‘life’ kinda got in the way. I’ve been enjoying the warm weather and blogging wasn’t really a priority. Anyway, today I’ll be showing you which products (makeup and skin care), I’ve used up recently.
In stead of throwing this stuff out, I’ve been saving them for a while. However, to be honest, I should have had a lot more empties by now, but I’ve been tossing them (completely forgetting about these series!). So dumb! The last time I did a blog post like this was ages ago. I believe it was November of last year. So yeah, obviously I should have a lot more stuff… Anyway, check out the products I’ve finished in the month of July below!


empties products makeup skin care

De Tuinen Vitaminen Scrubcrème
This is a Dutch product. Honestly, I don’t know why I bought this. I believe it was on sale and I saw the words ‘scrub’ and ‘vitamins’, so I thought I had to have it. However, because it’s a scrub cream, it’s not really that suitable for my oily skin. The scrub particles in it are very small and the product itself leaves a small ‘film’ of moisture on the skin after I’m done. It does leave my skin really soft though. I think it’s more suitable for dry skin. So if you have dry skin and you’re looking for a gentle scrub, this might be worth a try. It retails for €8,99 and you can find it at De Tuinen.

CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner
This is a felt tip pen eyeliner that I didn’t like at first, but I ended up LOVING! At first it was very watery and it didn’t stay on my lids. But after a while it totally changed on me. I don’t know why… I’m thinking that I hadn’t shaken it well or something like that. It ended up being very long-lasting and it didn’t smudge anymore. I’ll be repurchasing it for sure! It retails for $6.94 at Walmart and you can find it at most drugstores as well.

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation
This is hands down the BEST foundation I’ve ever used! If you have (extremely) oily skin, please do yourself the favor and buy this foundation! It does a great job at controlling the oils on my face and it’s very natural looking. More about it in this post. Hourglass Immaculate retails for $55.00 (30 ml) and you can find at hourglasscosmetics.com and at Sephora. I’m trying out a new foundation at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be repurchasing this one soon. I miss it already!


empties products makeup skin care

Essence About Matt Oil Control Make-Up Base
I’ve used up all of my Essence primer! I went through it really quick, I have to say…but I definitely don’t regret buying it. It’s an awesome mattifying primer. I posted a full review of it not too long ago, check it out here. I bought mine at Kruidvat here in The Netherlands for just €3,29. I believe you can now purchase it in the US as well. Let me know if I’m wrong!

​These were the products I used up in the past couple of weeks. I promise to do better from now on and actually SAVE everything I finish, so I can show you! I’m going to make these series a bi-monthly thing. Thanks for reading! :-)​



  1. Ja, de primer! Heel goed spul, heb ‘m alweer opnieuw gekocht

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