Product Empty: Model in a Bottle Setting Spray Matte Finish (review)

22 Jun 2014

I’ve been using a makeup setting spray after every time I apply makeup for years. It has become the final and fixed step in my makeup routine, the last thing I do… always! If I skip it, my makeup just doesn’t look right and doesn’t last as long.

The brand I’ve been using for about a year now is Model in a Bottle. I started out with their original setting spray and after I finished it, I quickly moved on to the formula for sensitive skin. Yesterday I finished my bottle, so I figured it would be a great time to write a full review. The big question of course is: will I repurchase this product or will I move on to something else? Check out my thoughts below.

makeup setting spray sprays best make up oily skin matte


What it is:
“With just a few sprays of Model in a Bottle, you can lock in that perfect makeup look with no more touchups. Our one-of-a-kind matte finish setting spray makes sure you stay gorgeous by holding your makeup in place all day or night! It’s resistant to smudging, tears, humidity and water. The spray for sensitive skin contains hydro essential oils of lavender and Aloe Vera. This magic combination adds moisture to the skin and helps control inflammation for those who have drier complexions or more sensitive skin conditions like rosacea.”source

How I use it:
A little while ago I wrote about post about how setting sprays work and how I use them. The post is titled: Beauty Question Answered: How do I use a makeup setting spray? Check it out!

My thoughts:
​I think this is an excellent product! It does exactly what it claims to do:

• Dries with a translucent matte finish
• Absorbs excess oil
• Doesn’t clogs pores
• Never interferes with or reduces the effectiveness of SPF
• Is fast drying, never sticky
• Has a natural scent of lavender (very light scent)
• Adds moisture with Aloe Vera extract (does not make your skin feel/look dry)

I prefer the sensitive skin formula over the original, because I feel that it does a better job at controlling the oil on my face and it doesn’t break me out either. However, it does feel kind of heavy on the skin (especially after you first spray it). No drying or anything, just ‘heavy’. More on it here.

makeup setting spray sprays best make up oily skin matte

The formula for sensitive skin is in a purple spray bottle

Will I repurchase this?
Even though I think this is a GREAT setting spray, I will not repurchase it at this time. I’ve been using Model in a Bottle for a while now and I feel like trying something else. Also, this setting spray does feel a little heavy on the skin, like I already mentioned. I’m hoping to find a spray that does everything that Model in a Bottle does, WITHOUT the heavy feeling. I will let you know if I find one! For now, I have my eyes on MAC Fix+, since I’ve never tried this one. 🙂

Where to buy​ ​
You can find Model in a Bottle Setting Spray on their website or on Amazon. The Orignal formula retails for $18 and the Sensitive formula costs $21. On Amazon you can find both formulas for a lower price! Also, keep checking Groupon. I once found Model in a Bottle there as well. 🙂


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