Review: Perfect Look Skin Miracle by This Works (a miracle effect tinted moisturizer!)

13 Jun 2014

Being a mom means you’re always busy and it seems like you don’t really have time to do anything. However, just because you’re a busy mom, it does not mean you have to go out looking like a hot mess. There are ways to still look nice! That’s what I think, at least. 😀
In the last two years I did find out that when you’re a mom everything you do has to be efficient and take as little time as possible. I myself have been able to simplify my skin care routine and applying my everyday makeup now takes me less than 10 minutes. I have found a bunch a makeup essentials that help me out a lot. One of these products is tinted moisturizer.

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch

Tinted moisturizers help to even your skin tone by hiding your blemishes without it looking or feeling too heavy. They’re also perfect to wear when the weather heats up. For the last couple of months I’ve been really enjoying the Perfect Look Skin Miracle by UK brand This Works. This is an instant tinted skin perfector that hydrates and brightens. I’ve been using it almost daily and I love it!


I call it a ‘tinted moisturizer’, but it’s much more than that! On the box it says: a miracle effect tinted moisturizer that gives a flawless finish. It basically moisturizes, it refines your skin, preps it for makeup and it has tons of great (natural) ingredients that are great for your skin!

Below is the description I’ve found on This Works’ website:

A miracle-effect, tinted moisturiser that provides instant radiance as well as long term hydrating and replenishing benefits to the skin.

Naturally effective Caramel and Mica provide a subtle skin tint. Potent vitamin C and anti-inflammatory vitamin E diminishes skin imperfections while Hyaluronic acid delivers long lasting hydration while fighting free radicals.

​Not only preps the skin for make-up. You can also wear it alone. Suitable for all skin types and colours, its non-greasy texture quickly absorbs into the skin, so you can achieve a glow at a moment’s notice. source

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch


I apply Perfect Look Skin Miracle instead of my regular moisturizer and foundation. So it basically replaces two products for me. I do apply a primer (with SPF!) first and I top it with a powder. I do these extra steps because I have very oily skin. However, if you have normal skin, just using this product should be enough! It’s non-greasy and is absorbed into the skin really fast. It does have a weird smell, which is supposed to be ‘uplifting’ according to This Works, but I personally don’t care for it. It smells very ‘natural’, if that makes sense. That’s the only ‘downside’ I can think off, to be honest.

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch

It comes in a tube with a pump, which is super convenient! About its ingredients: Perfect Look Skin Miracle does not contain phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colors & fragrance, parabens, gmos, mineral oils, petrolatum and propylene alcohol. It DOES contain Vitamin E (anti-inflammatory), Vitamin C (brightening), Hyaluronic Acid (long lasting hydration) and Mica.

What I absolutely love is the way it makes my face look! It not only moisturizes, it reduces the visibility of the pores on my cheeks and gives my skin a radiant finish. Even though this moisturizer doesn’t cover imperfections ( it’s sheer!), it does makes my skin look A LOT better. It’s hard to explain, really.

The product itself has a caramel color, but once you spread it around it’s almost invisible, it just gives a gorgeous golden glow. Anybody can wear it, regardless of your skin tone! I love combining it with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in ‘Radiant Light’ (review here) for that extra Summer glow. 🙂

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch

Me wearing Perfect Look Skin Miracle by This Works.
I paired it with Essence’s All About Matt Oil Control Make-up Base and Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder in ‘Radiant Light’.

Below are some swatches. I took the pictures outside in direct sunlight, as you can see.

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch

Perfect Look Skin Miracle This Works Tinted Moisturizer Review Swatch


The Perfect Look Skin Miracle retails for £28.00 (about $48/€35) and comes in a 30ml tube. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it to me. You can find it on This Work’s website. They ship worldwide. If you’re in the US, you can also order it from Asos. I actually got mine at a Dutch webshop (Cosmania) for €37, because they had a ‘free shipping’ deal going on at the time. I love it and it’s definitely something I can’t live without! I’ll be repurchasing as soon as I run out. I would recommended this product to everyone, not just busy moms. 😉


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