Review: MAX lipsticks (found at Action stores in Holland)

15 May 2014

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a problem with buying lipsticks. I love lipsticks. Always have, always will. Buying a new lipstick makes me happy. Looking at my lipstick collection makes me happy. When my favorite brand comes out with a new lipstick shade that I love, I’m on it. A limited edition lipstick? I’m one of the first people to purchase it. An inexpensive lipstick that gets great reviews? Gotta have it! 😀

MAX lipsticks Action Swatches Lipstick Budget

When Action (a discount store in The Netherlands) started selling MAX Make Up, everybody was raving about their lipsticks. They were said to be inexpensive, but yet very creamy and and not drying. And with ‘inexpensive’ I mean: CHEAP! These lipsticks are €0,45 each. Of course I couldn’t wait to try them for myself, but unfortunately I could never get my hands on them every time I was back in The Netherlands. They were always sold out at my nearest store.

The other day I was lucky and actually found them! I found 4 (they are sold in sets of 2). I know there are more shades, but the store I went to only had two different sets. I grabbed the set with Cranberry and Rose Red and the other set with Deep Berry and Terra and quickly ran to the cash register. I’m not sure if they were always sold out, because they’re so popular or if the store just doesn’t get enough in stock. In any case, I was happy to finally found them! Here’s are my new babies.

MAX lipsticks Action Swatches Lipstick Budget

MAX lipsticks Action Swatches Lipstick Budget

Left to right: Terra & Deep Berry and Cranberry & Rose Red.

My thoughts
My first impression in the store wasn’t that great. Even though I was happy to see the lipsticks sealed, the packaging is really cheap looking and I personally dislike lipsticks that don’t roll down all the way. HOWEVER, after trying them on for a few days, these things don’t bother me anymore.
The lipsticks are all really creamy and don’t dry out my lips. The ingredient list tells me that they contain Aloe Vera and Vitamine E. They actually last a lot longer than I expected. I do reapply throughout the day, but only after 4 hours or so. Not bad! The shades are really nice and no animals were harmed while making them, which is nice to know.

group nakie sides

Of course I had to show you swatches and how they look on my lips. I didn’t use any primer, concealer or lip liner for these. My favorite of the 4 is Rose Red, which is more of a pink/plum than what its name suggests. The shade that I’m less sure about, is Terra. What do you think?

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Cranberry, Rose Red, Deep Berry and Terra

And here they are on my lips.


Deep Berry

Rose Red


Which one is your favorite on me? 🙂

Where to buy
You can find MAX lipsticks at Action stores in The Netherlands. They retail for just €0,89 per set. I believe there are at least 10 different shades for sale (not really sure). Click here to find your nearest Action store. Let me know if you find them!


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