Gear up for Summer! How to get stubble-free legs without razor bumps

12 May 2014

This is a collaboration post with blogger Nadine over at Night Caffeine. Want to know how she gears up for Summer and gets rid of unnecessary hair? Read her (hilarious!) post titled Smooth Criminal.
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The weather’s warming up and that means it’s time for to get your legs ready for dresses, skirts and shorts! Unless you plan on wearing maxi dresses all the time, it’s time to take to extra care of your legs and get them stubble-free skin for Summer. 🙂

The best thing to do would actually be going to a salon and get in-office laser hair removal treatments. But if you’re like me and don’t want to spend extra money on hair removal (I already get my eyebrows threaded every 3 months, that’s plenty), there are ways to do get your legs stubble-free without razor bumps at home! I put together a list of ways to avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs and cuts when shaving your legs. These 5 tips will definitely help make your legs look better than ever!

shaving tips summer

Use a good quality razor. The razor I’m currently using is the Gillette Mach3 Manual Men’s Razor ($6.97). It has 3 High Definition Blades and a Comfort Guard that features 5 Microfins for a closer shave. The blades are most likely just as sharp as women’s razors (like Venus), but I prefer the look and feel of the Mach3 (I’m weird, I know!). It’s sleek, shiny and silver and also very lightweight. Quick and easy to use! Remember: shave up your legs, against the grain for a super close shave.

Know WHEN to shave. The best time to shave is at the end of a warm shower, when blood vessels are dilated, causing skin to plump and expose the entire base of the hair follicle. Warm water also softens hair, so it doesn’t snap, this helps to prevent ingrown hairs. So remember, do not get in the shower and immediately start shaving your legs! Wait till you’re done with everything else and then start shaving.

Replace the blade regularly. To avoid blade rust and skin infections, swap out the blade every 10 shaves. For me this is about every two weeks. This might sound like a lot, but, trust me, a ‘fresh’ blade really makes a difference. I always buy my blades when they’re on sale or when I have a coupon. 10 Mach3 Razor Blade Refills regularly retail for about $24.97 at Walmart. Like I said, wait for a sale and then stock up!

shaving tips summer

Use a creamy shaving cream. I shave my legs (almost) every time I take a shower, especially in Spring and Summer. Shaving every day is fine as long as you keep your skin soft with a moisturizing shave cream.

My favorite shaving cream for a while now has been the Skintimate Signature Scents in Flirty Mango ($2.97). You can find this most drugstores and mass retailers. It’s a nice, creamy shave gel that smells like fresh mango (it really does!) and has olive butter, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. It’s a gel that turns into a foam and lathers like nobody business. This lather protects against cuts and leaves my skin baby butt soft! 😀

Sabon Vanilla Body Oil

Proper after-care. After you are done shaving your legs, do not use a loofah or washcloth. The razor has already exfoliated your skin and further rubbing can cause irritation and create problems. During the Summer you might not want to slather on a heavy body lotion, but applying moisturizer over freshly shaven, still damp skin will help minimize flakes and razor rash.

My current favorite moisturizer for my body is the Sabon Vanilla Body Oil ($20). I mention this product in my Last minute Mother’s Day gifts that you’d rather keep for yourself post I wrote the other day. This is sweet almond-based formula with 6 different essential oils that instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture. I prefer oils over lotion, because the skin on my legs always get really dry and oils are more moisturizing. I’m loving this one by Sabon because it’s a fragrance (it smells delicious!) and body lotion in one and it gives my skin a nice glow.

These are my 5 tips. What’s your best advice to avoid razor bumps and such?
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  1. shoebootie Says: May 12, 2014 at 9:22 am

    These are all GREAT tips! Shaving at the *end* of a shower is really important. Really, the longer you can soak (if you take a bath beforehand and relax) even better!

    After the debacle I mentioned in my post … I’m really careful to not aggravate my skin, and get ingrowns really easily (especially my bikini line) so I tried Bliss Ingrown Eliminating pads and they actually worked really well.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, shaving at the end of a shower is crucial. I admit, sometimes when I’m in a rush, I do it right away, because I want to ‘get things done’ fast. I always end up with itchy legs… oops!

    I’ve never heard of these pads, looks interesting! Will try them when I’m back in the States 🙂

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