Which expensive spa treatment would you pick?!

18 Apr 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! Because Spring is here (or just around the corner in most cases), I thought it would be nice to look at some spa treatments for us to go to 😉 It’s no secret that celebrities spare no expensive when it comes to their appearance. Expensive spa treatments, latest in anti-aging technology, luxurious skin care products…nothing is too crazy to stay on top of the looks game! If you had to pick one of the three beauty regimes below, which one would you pick? 1, 2 or 3?

Gold facial

Bar Rafaeli

1/3 Gold facial

The gold facial combines caviar ampule, honey, sea buckthorn and gold and is meant to treat aging and brightens skin. And guess what? Even though a gold facial sounds very luxurious, it doesn’t cost more than $200!

Vampire facial

Kim Kardashian

2/3 Vampire facial

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of the vampire facial. This procedure involves them drawing your blood and re-injecting it under your skin. This too is supposed to help slow down aging. What do you think?

Evian Experience

Serena Williams

3/3 Evian Experience

Here’s Serena Williams enjoying the $5000 Evian Experience. This spa treatment involves a bath in 1000 liters of Evian spring water and pretty Gerber daisies. No idea what benefit a bath of Evian water would actually provide, but it has to be something special, right?

I myself would definitely go for the first treatment: the gold facial. There’s NO way in hell I would voluntary have someone take my blood and inject it into my face (not even if it was free!) and the Evian Experience doesn’t seem like it would do much. I can easily do it at home today if I want to. So gold facial it is! What about you?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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