Beauty Question Answered: Hair brushes, which one do you pick?

07 Apr 2014

Hair brushes are the most commonly used beauty tool ever. Did you know that? However, most people just grab the first one they see at the store. The other day when I talked about my current hair routine, I showed you guys which brush I’m currently using: I use a ‘boar bristle’ paddle hair brush (found here).
I’m not that great with hair, but I do know that using the right hair brush can make a big difference in the health of your hair and how it looks. There are tons of different hair brushes (different sizes and shapes) around, which one do you pick? Below you’ll show you which brush to use and when. I hope this is helpful! 🙂

hair brushes guide


First row, from left to right:

​ ​
Natural bristle brush: for all hair types
All brushes are made with natural bristles, synthetic bristles or both. Natural boar bristle is considered the best. It’s gentle on the hair, helps smooth the cuticle and redistributes sebum throughout your hair to moisturize and create a glossy finish.

Synthetic bristle brush
Synthetic bristles do not absorb and do not distribute oils or help condition the hair. Synthetic bristles are also less flexible than natural bristles, which means they can cause damage. All-synthetic brushes are not recommended, choose a mixed one instead! Brushes that come in a natural/synthetic bristle mix (usually called porcupine brushes) are good for normal to thicker hair, because they detangle better.

Paddle brush: for straight hair
Paddle brushes are my favorite brushes! They usually have bristles coming out of a soft cushion and are great for massaging the scalp, detangling and smoothing straight hair. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to bend with your scalp to minimize damage from pulling.

Hair Brush with Swarovski crystals

Round brush: for blowouts
Round brushes are mostly used by hair dresses to style hair and create a blowout that lasts. It’s easier to control tension while styling with a round brush. Personally, I have never used a round brush. I just don’t know how to use them in combination with a blow dryer…I should learn, right? 😀

Second row, from left to right:

Metal Brush: to create curls
Metal brushes are not good to use when going from wet to dry because they can pull and damage hair. But they’re a perfect tool to use as a finisher since they can smooth down a final look.

Vented brush: to create volume
These brushes have holes (or slits) through the back and are designed to help decrease blow-drying time by allowing air to flow through the brush. This is a great brush to create volume with!

Wide tooth comb: for detangling
Wide tooth combs are what you want to use for detangling, especially if you’re in the shower. Because I have curly hair, my hair tangles easily. I use a wide tooth comb when I wash my hair and I seriously wouldn’t know what to do without it.

Fine toothed comb: to smooth hair or tease
If you’re looking to style bangs or to separate and smooth hair while flat ironing, choose a smaller tooth comb because they can grab the root better to create more tension.

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So the big question is of course: have you been using the right brush??

Boar Bristle Paddle Hair Brush

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