My hair care routine (ft. Hask Argan Oil and Naturally Versatile by Kenya)

02 Apr 2014

Today it’s all about my hair! As most of you know I’m not super into hair. I strive to do as little as possible with my hair and magically still have it look great. My hair is curly and it tangles like crazy. I prefer to wear it straight (to get it straight I use a flat ironer), it’s much easier to maintain that way. Brushing my hair daily also helps! 😉 I use a big wooden brush with boar bristles, like the one below.

hair care routine

My biggest concern with my hair (not really a ‘concern’, but you know what I mean), is that it gets dry and frizzy really fast. At the same time, if I use too many products, my scalp gets flaky. It’s a constant struggle between the two. Below I’ll be showing you which products I’m currently using. I’ve discovered a bunch of new products recently and I can’t wait to show it to you!

Wash and Conditioner
Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner: ‘Revive and restore the look of your hair with Hask Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. Infused with moisturizing Argan Oil, this shampoo penetrates the hair shaft, gently cleansing while it repairs damage and breakage, leaving even the most rebellious hair frizz-free, silky-soft and super glossy’. source

Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner hair care routine

These products strengthen and restore. Also, Argan oil is great to use on frizzy and damaged hair, like I’ve mentioned plenty of times before (like in this post). These Hask products I received for review purposes a while back and I still enjoy using them. They are free of sulfates, parabens, alcohols, and artificial colors. I’m not super picky about what I put in my hair, but this did score major points with me.

The Repairing Shampoo lathers nicely and smells lovely, kinda fruity. The Repairing Conditioner works great as a detangler! My hair gets super curly when wet, so this is important to me. I don’t want to spend too much time detangling and this works nicely (probably because of the Argan oil). After I’m done washing, my hair and scalp feel squeaky clean, but not dry. Great stuff!

For styling I’ve been using the two products below by Naturally Versatile. They are handmade by Kenya Noelle, a woman I happen to stumble upon while browsing on Instagram. Kenya has BEAUTIFUL natural hair, so of course I was curious about trying her products. Based on her recommendations and my own hair concerns I purchased the Aloe Gel and Moisture Max, both organic. One is a butter that I apply right after I wash my hair (so when it’s still wet) and the other is more like a gel for daily use:

Moisture Max: ‘A mixture of Shea butter and 9 other essential oils designed to treat dry hair’.
Aloe Gel: ‘Great styling aide for perfectly defined curls. Will not flake or harden. Can also be used as a light hold gel to tame frizzy edges. Works seamlessly with moisture max for great shine’. source

Naturally Versatile handmade Kenya Noelle hair haircare

​Naturally Versatile handmade Kenya Noelle hair haircare

I LOVE these products! They make my hair smooth and shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy or, even worse, flaky. Moisture Max (or ‘Mr. Max’ as Kenya calls it. LOL!) I apply on my wet hair when I get out of the shower. I divide it into sections and apply it mostly in the ends where my hair always gets the most dry. It keeps it moisturized for days.

I use the Aloe Gel on a daily basis to tame my flyaways. I’ve been really into high/low buns lately, so this gel is perfect to give me that sleek look. It gets rid of the frizz and doesn’t make my scalp flaky, which is amazing to me (everything else does). Yep, I’m sticking with these products for a while!

hair care routinehair care routine

On Kenya’s website you’ll find other hair products as well. Below are the descriptions of the most popular products she sells. They are meant for both natural hair (like mine) and relaxed hair. source

​Naturally Versatile handmade Kenya Noelle hair haircare

Where to buy:
The Hask Argan Oil products you can find on and most drugstores. The shampoo and conditioner retail for around $6 each. Click here for a store locator.
You can find the Aloe Gel and Moisture Max on Kenya’s website Naturally Versatile. Both products retail for $20 (80z). They’re also available in smaller jars (4oz), these retail for $10. To see pictures of Kenya’s beautiful hair, find her on Instagram. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Would these be products you would try?

The Hask® Argan Oil products were sent to me by Brandbacker. The other products were purchased by myself. All opinions are completely mine and are not influenced by outside sources.


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