What’s in my travel makeup bag…(part 2)

19 Feb 2014

This is part 2 of me showing you which makeup items I brought with me from the US to the Netherlands (click here for part 1). 🙂 It’s always hard to make a selection, since I literally have drawers filled with stuff, but I did it! Here are all the lipsticks and lip glosses I packed. I made a point to bring more lip glosses, since I have own way too many at the moment, so it’s time to finish some! Hopefully by the end of my trip most of these will be empty….

travel makeup bag

This clear makeup bag from Sephora is great when you’re away from home! You can see exactly what you have and you don’t have to look too long for anything. Handy dandy!

travel makeup bag

And here they are. I’m not going to name everything, cause that will take forever… Anyway, as you can see I don’t like red lips! 😀

travel makeup bag

And then I realized I also have three lippies in my purse (and also blotting powder, two brushes, some Band-aid, blush, eyeliner, contact lenses etc.. lol).

travel makeup bag

Are you, like my mom, shocked by the amount of lip products I brought with me? Haha! 😀


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