My 3 free Zoya polishes have arrived

My 3 free Zoya polishes have arrived
23 Jan 2014

At the beginning ot the month I told you guys about a sale that Zoya was having. They were giving away 3 polishes for free! You did have to pay the shipping fee (which w as $12), so it came to to $4 per polish. I myself placed my order on the last day (I almost slipped my mind…) and received my order a couple of days ago. I picked out these three polishes from the recent Zoya’s PixieDust collection:

Zoya nails nail polish polishes sale free Stevie Nyx Arabella

From left to right:​ ​
Nyx: a soft periwinkle blue
Stevie: a cool-toned lavender purple
Arabella: a rich fuchsia

These are dry into the signature PixieDust textured matte glitter silver finish. Very pretty! I’ll post swatches on my nails shortly. :-)

Zoya nails nail polish polishes sale free Stevie Nyx Arabella

I do regret getting Nyx (the one on the left), because it looks a lot like a polish I already have. :-( I’ll have to look up which one it is, because I can’t remember its name but I’m pretty sure it’s almost similar (and also by Zoya!)…bummer. The other polishes I’m very happy with!

Did you take advantage of this nail polish sale?



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