Beauty products I don’t care about

08 Jan 2014

As I look for inspiration for topics to write about (help!), I do know a couple of products that I will most likely never write about… simply because I don’t care about using these products myself. My blog is very personal to me. I’m not just going to write about anything, just for the sake of covering it. I’d like to write about stuff I know about or have experience with. Below are 3 items that I don’t care about. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use these: I think they work great for/on most people, just not on me. 🙁

Eye lash curlers
​Eye lash curler

A friend once gifted me an eye lash curler and to this day I’ve used it just a handful of times. My eye lashes are naturally curly, so I don’t really see the point of curling them even more. I do see somewhat of a difference when I curl my lashes, but for me it’s not really worth the extra trouble. It’s an extra step in my makeup routine that I don’t have patience for.

Lip Pencils
​Lip Pencil

Oh, lip pencils. Even though I love the chubby kinds (lol!), I can’t seem to give them a permanent place in my makeup routine. The chubby ones, the ones that are like lipsticks and you fill your entire lips with, are great. I have a whole collection of them and I use them frequently, but the regular kinds… that’s a whole different story. I have a hard time remembering to use them and also I can never perfectly match the pencil to the lipstick I’m wearing that day. I do find that lip pencils make your lips look amazing, more defined and plump, so I wish I was better at using them! I do own one that I do like and matches my natural lip color (it Cosmetics YLBB Waterproof Lip Liner Stain in light/medium, this one), so there’s really no reason why I shouldn’t give it some more love! Maybe 2014 will be different and I’ll actually start caring.


Eyebrow powders
Eyebrow powder

My eyebrows are naturally very thick, to the point where they almost need their own zip code…. I get them threaded and reshaped about once every 2 months and in between appointments I manage them myself with the help of tweezers. I tweeze my eyebrows every other day, because that’s how fast they grow. I’ve never been into eyebrow powders, pencils or wax. It just seems like a lot of work and I feel like this is more for people whose eyebrows are sparse, luckily I don’t have that problem.

How about you? Which beauty products do you find unnecessary?


Kizzy, blogger behind Kizzy Online, originally created this blog to use as her personal life journal. When she moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2010, she started focusing more on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She also writes about her life as a wife and a mom of 2 in San Diego, California.


  1. Haha same here with the eyelash curlers!

  2. They also look kinda creepy, right? 😀

  3. I don’t do eyebrow do-ma-thingies either. I was born with caterpillars too. But lip liners aren’t too bad, I have few colored ones from Urban Decay. I don’t wear lipstick too often so I just pick a color I like and put gloss over it.
    I don’t do powders or foundation. Not really my thing plus I don’t like my clothes/hats/scarves getting stained.

  4. shoebootie Says: January 15, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    I’ve always thought of eyelash curlers to be useless.

    Another thing I don’t use…. bronzer or the “warmth” color that comes with my bare minerals. i’m so light I always end up looking like I’ve literally applied spots of dirt to my face or I’m trying some kind of satire.

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