Review: Mario Badescu Healing Cream

08 Feb 2013


Back in October of last year I ordered two Mario Badescu skin care products from Hautelook. Hautelook is a members only site where they sell items at a reduced price. Lots of exclusive and limited-time sales. If you’re not a member of Hautelook yet, click here to be invited. I love it, they offer really good deals on high end products, including makeup and skin care.

Anyway, I’ve completely used up the Healing Cream and I was about to throw out the jar when I remembered my blog… lol I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you!

Mario Badescu Healing Cream Buffing Lotion Free Gift Hautelook Skincare Hair

Mario Badescu Healing Cream Prevent acne scars with this sulfur based cream that speeds up the healing process of red, irritated, acne erupted skin. Balsam Peru helps protect delicate, healing skin while it soothes and minimizes redness. Its healing properties work immediately on acne prone areas preventing minor pimples from becoming inflamed. Oil-free formula.

My thoughts: I used this cream every night before bed (before applying my night treatment). I’m not sure if I mentioned this on the blog, but my body had a huge hormonal episode back in October that resulted in me having a ‘pizza face’, as my friend Nadine describes it. It was horrible! So every night before bed I applied this cream on my face (my skin was super red and irritated!) to prevent scaring. I followed up with the Buffering Lotion – pictured above (which I will talk about in a separate review).
The breakouts went away within two weeks, but they did leave little spots behind, especially on my jaw line and around my mouth. I continued to apply this cream every night (and sometimes in the morning) on the irritated area. I can happily report that the scars have almost disappeared. 🙂

I won’t repurchase this product right now (because I have tons of other products to use), but I will in the future, once I run out of the stuff I’m currently working through. I found that sulfur (one of the ingredients in this cream) is great to control redness, inflammation and other skin irritations associated with acne. The cream is very soothing and and helps the healing process to minimize scarring. Great stuff!

Where to buy?
I purchased the Healing Cream on Hautelook where I paid $24 (regularly retails for $30) for 1 oz/29 ml. If you’re interested in purchasing this product, I would recommend waiting until Mario Badescu is back on Hautelook. But if you can’t wait: you can also find Mario Badescu at Ulta stores, (not online) and on


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