3 easy (and basic!) ways to look younger

04 Feb 2013

Did you see Destiny’s Child performing at the Beyonce concert.. I mean, Super Bowl last night? Didn’t they look the same as they did 8 years ago? Seeing Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle do their thing like back in 2005 inspired me to write this post. They haven’t aged a bit! Ok, maybe just a little bit, but don’t they look great still?

beyonce superbowl football pepsi destiny's child michelle kelly performance half time 2013

I have to admit: I’m a sucker for anything that promises anti-aging. Don’t we all just want to stay looking young and fresh? A clear, fresh-looking and glowing face is what it’s all about! It does take more than just moisturizers and serums to stay looking young though. Even a product junkie like me knows that. Sure, good skin care product can help a lot, but don’t forget to keep up with a good routine.

Here are 3 simple, but important steps to look younger.

1. Believe in beauty rest
Too little sleep results in faster aging. Sad, but true. Try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to keep the puffy, red eyes thing from not happening.

2. Stay out of the sun
Everyone should know by now that the sun is the biggest threat to our skin. Everyone is sensitive to its damaging UV rays, even us brown girls! Since it’s probably not realistic to avoid the sun completely, always wear an SPF of at least 20. Even if it’s cold or snowing!

3. Get exfoliating
Glowing skin will never, ever happen when there’s a layer of dead cells hanging out on top. Exfoliating is a must in order to remove the top layer of skin so the new stuff can surface and shine. Exfoliators don’t only come in the form of a scrub, they can also be peels or creams.

How do you stay looking young?


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  1. No smoking, very little drinking, and staying out of the sun! And of course exfoliation 😀

  2. Those are great tips too! Also, it didn’t surprise me that you mentioned exfoliaton too, you’re the queen of exfoliating! 😀

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