Guest blog: Acne Cleansing Bar by Coral Actives (review by Nadine)

01 Feb 2013

Thanks to my good friend Kizzy, I was turned onto the amazing face products from Coral Actives. I can’t live without their Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser & Acne Serum Gel. Ok, I could technically ‘live’ without it, but I’d have a lot of zits and look cranky and sad because of my acne. This combo keeps my face clean, clear & happy. I’ve tried their Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin as well, but found that the product just wasn’t for me.

When Kizzy sent me the Acne Cleansing Bar to try out, I couldn’t wait to see how it worked! It’s embarrassing enough to have acne, but to have it on your shoulders and back is somehow even more sucky.

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I had been using a benzoyl peroxide bar soap I bought from the drugstore for use on my body acne that I get around my bra strap area, but it was very harsh and drying. It also smelled like bleach. The Coral Actives acne bar was much different. It is smooth & non-gritty and a lot more like ‘regular’ soap than other benzoyl peroxide bar soaps. It lathered nicely and had little to no scent, which is much more preferable than smelling like a public pool.

Coral Actives Soap Treatment Bar Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Back Chest

This Acne Cleansing Bar really worked well! It got rid of the annoying acne and didn’t dry out my skin. I’d even use it on my face if I was having a breakout in conjunction with the facial cleanser and acne serum. All in all, I love it and use it every other day to keep my body’s skin clear.

When buying another Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser & Penetrating Acne Serum Combo Kit, I was so happy to see that when you buy the face combo, you can get a body bar to try for free (limited time offer). And though this isn’t necessarily about the body bar itself, I really like the new product packaging better: it’s easier to get a sense with the new bottles for the cleanser and serum of when you are running low (so you can re-order in a hurry), than with the old pump bottles.

The other great thing about Coral Actives? They have great customer service. They send your order out quickly, it’s delivered fast (even with standard shipping) and the team over there really makes you feel like you are absolutely valued at their company. I’m not even getting paid or anything for free with this review. I just love the stuff and recommend it to all my friends! (But hey, Coral Actives, if you wanted to throw free stuff my way, I would not argue with that either. I am here to help. ;-))

The Acne Cleansing Bar is available on and retails for $7.95. You now get it for free if you purchase the Complete Acne Therapy System Kit for $29.95. 🙂

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