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17 Dec 2012

Ever had a product been on your beauty wish list for a really long time? I have! Something that I’ve been wanting to try forever now (mainly because of the great reviews I’ve been reading) is the Silky Straight Ironless Shampoo and the Conditioner in the same line by Fekkai. Fekkai is a brand that is popular under many celebrities and is frequently used backstage at fashion shows. As a beauty blogger I get send lots of product samples to try, including hair care products. As a result I still haven’t tried these products yet, even though I really want to!


The Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Shampoo is a smoothing shampoo fights frizz. Great for someone like me: I have naturally very very curly hair, however, I prefer wearing it straight. I blow dry and straighten my hair with a flat iron after every wash, to get rid of my curls and frizz. The Conditioner that goes with it, softens hair and restores manageability. Both these products are part of the Silky Straight Ironless collection and are infused with advanced micro-smoothing technology. This technology smoothes the cuticle down and helps lock humidity out for silky straight locks. Great for curly-haired girls like me. 😉

10% Off Purchase + Free Gift
The reason I was asked to write this post is this: now you can get 10% of your order and when you spend $50 you receive free shipping AND a free holiday headband (while supplies last). I’ve seen pictures of the headband and it reminds me off Blair from Gossip Girl, very cute!

To receive 10% off, enter promo code “HEADBAND” at checkout. You can check out the Silky Straight Ironless line and all the other Fekkai collections here on the official Fekkai website.


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