The Worst Beauty Gifts you can get someone…

The Worst Beauty Gifts you can get someone…
15 Dec 2012

First of all, I dislike saying any gift I receive is ‘bad’, because of course it is very nice to receive something from someone, but if had to pick, here’s my Top 5 of bad makeup gifts! 😉

Worst makeup gifts bad make up present presents

o Makeup palettes that are sold at mass retailers, such as Walmart or Walgreens. You know, the ones that include 25 eye shadows, 5 lipglosses, 10 blushes, 4 makeup brushes…you get my point.

o Bath and body sets from the dollar store. Not because these are dirt cheap, but mainly because of their lack of quality….

o No name perfumes or knock-off perfumes. These are useless in my onion. If you want to get someone perfume but don’t want to spend the money, just find something else to gift.

o Anti-aging skin care: I know I’m in my thirties, but still… I’ll buy my own skin care, thank you very much!

o A gift card for Sephora or Ulta that expires within a month. This is definitely something that has been ‘re-gifted’. Such a no-no!

What are some other bad beauty gift ideas?


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  1. Whahahaha, coulndt agree more! Pff. Or cheap brush sets The ones that sting when applying your make-up… or body lotion. Fack ive got tons of those, enough to start my own drugstore

  2. I got slightly offended when I got a heavy-duty anti aging face regimen from a family member. I didn’t even like it, and assuming that I need serums and heavy creams at age 30 is kind of offensive. And I can’t stand body lotion sets from anywhere. I don’t like lotions that smell like a fruit. Body care things like that are just so personal, if you don’t absolutely know that someone will 110% love it, then leave it! No cheap beauty products!

  3. Hahaha! So true! I feel the same about cheap brushes. And body lotion… I have a drugstore filled with them too 😉

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