10 Reasons why I love beauty shopping in the US!

As most of you know I’m a ‘foreigner’ in the US. I moved here from Holland, Europe almost three years ago. In today’s post I’m sharing my Top 10 reasons why I love shopping for beauty and skin care here in the US, compared to beauty shopping in Europe:

1. Lower prices: Generally drugstores and department stores are a lot less expensive here. This is certainly the case for brands found in drugstores. Love it!
2. More variety: There are much more brands to choose from; low-end and high-end, American and foreign brands.
3. More flexible return policy: this is the case for both drugstores and department stores. Don’t like what you purchased after all? In most cases you can just return it and get your money back, with no questions asked. Even if the product has been swatched/used.
4. More sales: weekly drugstore sales, friend & family sales, end of the season sales, clearance sales, early bird specials, flash sales… you name it!
5. Coupons: coupons are much more common here, especially in the drugstore. And most coupons can be combined with in stores sales or manufacturer coupons. Score!
6. Free samples/gift with purchases: who doesn’t like free stuff? Practically every store here gives out samples, in department stores you can score free gifts with your purchase and stores like Ulta and Sephora have loyalty programs that allow you to save for free items or discounts.
7. Drugstore on almost every corner: whenever I drive somewhere I always pass at least three drugstores. Also, each town (small or big) has a couple of malls.
8. Longer openings hours: feel like shopping for makeup at 9 pm in the evening? No worries, there’s always a (drug)store that’s open! In fact, some drugstores are open 24 hours.
9. Large variety of makeup/skin care at the grocery store: I always sneak a peek at the beauty isle when I shopping for groceries, there’s practically a whole drugstore in there!
10. Great quality makeup at the drugstore: did you know that most drugstore makeup products here are made by the same manufacturers and factories as high-end brands?

What are your thoughts? :-)

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